Monday, 3 January 2011

Mystery of the Black Rain Bird in Arkansas

More than 1,000 black birds fell from the sky the day before the New Year celebration in Arkansas, USA. Residents fear and scientists are still looking for answers. 

The incident began around 23.30 local time. "Several officers from the Arkansas Game and Fish 

Commission (AGFC) began reporting the existence of black birds falling from the sky," said AGFC in a statement. AGFC estimates there are 1000 birds that fall within an area 1 mile in the city. "Most of the dead, but some are still alive when officers arrived," said AGFC. 

A total of 65 birds were sent to laboratories owned by the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission and the National Wildlife Health Center by Robby King, an official from the AGFC. 

The scientists explained that the birds could have been struck by lightning, hit by hail that accompanied the storm. "They experience physical trauma. Herd was probably struck by lightning or hail," said Karen Rowe, bird experts from the AGFC. Rowe also speculated that the New Year celebration, like fireworks, which makes the flock died from shock and stress. 

To make sure, according to Rowe, a necropsy is the only way to find the cause of death of birds. "Whether trauma or poison? But apparently not toxic because only black birds are affected," said Rowe told LiveScience. Necropsy is an autopsy for animals. 

Incident like this has happened several times in various parts of the world. Generally, birds affected by the act of weather, like hurricanes. Birds can also die from colliding with each other in thick clouds. They also could have pushed wind that hit the cliff. 

Not only birds, fish rain has ever happened several times. Tornado in the sea area, according to scientists, led to these events. (National Geographic Indonesia / Alex Pangestu)


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