Sunday, 2 January 2011

Capture tuyul Represent Cats, Jailed

Residents Banjarjo Hamlet, Village Banjaragung, District Together, Jombang, East Java, digemparkan with the news that call Saunan (50), a shaman managed to catch tuyul, Saturday (01/01/2011) night. Moreover, it will reportedly also tuyul paraded to the house owner.

Residents had packed the house Saunan to view it. However, residents are frustrated desire accomplished. Because, the shaman first local Polsek secured, because it is considered disturbing.
Besides being considered troubling, also could provoke violence, because it might be the masses who believe such accusation will judge the ditudih tuyul owners.

The incident occurred around 21:00. Starting when Saunan admitted some time ago got some residents complain that often lose money weird.

He then did Terawangan. As a result, the loss of money due tuyul citizens. Furthermore, he requested the help of some colleagues who are also psychic healer alias origin Sidoarjo, to capture tuyul in question.

That night, assisted by his colleagues, managed to capture tuyul Saunan admitted it. In fact, he also ensured that tuyul often steal money for residents. Tuyul that his form of a cat is black.

Hundreds of people were coming to the house Saunan, located in front of the mosque. But the crowd was known to local Polsek officer. Do not want to fuss arises, the officers acted immediately, by sending Saunan to jail while in mapolsek.

"We do not want a conflict between residents. Because is not necessarily the truth about these tuyul. If it paraded into the house of one citizen who has been blamed as the owner, can occur vigilantism, "said PPA Illyas, Kapolsek Together.

Saunan own, in mapolsek still recognize him catch tuyul. "Clearly, this tuyul if action turned into a black cat. But I do not have to reveal who the owner, because his plan would indeed my wine, let it show itself tuyul owner, "said Saunan. (Sutono)

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