Monday, 3 January 2011

Dead Birds 5000 Fireworks Due

Stress due to fireworks New Year's Eve might have resulted in the death of 5000 birds mysteriously began falling from the sky on Saturday (01/01/2011) in Beebe, Arkansas, according to several officials on Tuesday (04/01/2011).

Officials suspect the cause of stress were more likely to be a mysterious event was compared with the extreme weather like high winds or lightning strikes because of extreme weather have left the area.

"Our opinion is more skewed in the event of stress," said a spokesman for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Keith Stephens.

He said, fireworks can make a lot of birds, mostly Blackbird fly into the house or even a heart attack, according to examination results released on Monday.
The commission also is trying to ascertain what the cause of death of up to 100,000 fish in 20 miles along the Arkansas River near a dam in Ozark, 125 miles west of Beebe. The fish was discovered on 30 December.

Stephens said the commission expected the results of fish may be issued within a month.

"The disease is probably the cause, because all fish are from a species, bottom-feeding drum," says Stephen.

Stephens said that all the events that seem unrelated. River and air in the dead birds to be tested for toxicity, said Stephens.

Beebe is a small town with as many as 4500 residents and is 30 miles northeast of the capital of the state.


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