Tuesday, 4 January 2011

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Motion controller similar to Microsoft Kinect, now not only present in console gaming. 
Motion controller in the near future not only be enjoyed through generation gaming consoles to date.
The reason, Asus plans to bring the motion controller to the computer product this year. 

As quoted from PC Magazine, Asus was working with an Israeli company named PrimeSense to apply the motion controller into a computer. 

Not just for gaming applications, but computer users, will be able to use 3-D controller for multimedia content surfing, surfing the Internet, or accessing social networking. 

All the activities that you want can be done in a different way than the mere use of the mouse and keyboard, which utilize the interaction of body movement.
PrimeSense, a company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, will use a technology they call WAVI Xtion. 

PrimeSense is a company that finds Immersive technology Natural Interaction technology, which is used to create Microsoft Kinect controller for the Xbox 360 console. 

"Asus PrimeSense technology combines cross-space solution is wireless, with control technology that is simple, intuitive, and based on body movement, so that users can enjoy and share PC content on TV," said Kent Chien, General Manager of Asus, in a statement. 

Wavi Xtion itself also will be launched by Asus in the event a grand exhibition of computers and electronics Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this weekend. 

A base of 3-d programming code for PCs will be available for developers to make their applications on the platform of this controller. 

Also, Asus will also provide Xtion Online Store, which will be launched commercially in February 2011. The plan of this console will be sold commercially in the second quarter of this year. (Umi) Source:: VIVAnews 

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