Thursday, 13 January 2011

Biona, Wood Futuristic Motorcycle

This is another creative and unique motorcycle designers to imagine the future. Shadow, motorcycles are made from iron, wood and rubber. Amazingly, to spur use of electricity and is targeted to become the vehicle of the city. All of that is a picture of a designer from Spain, Jordi Poblet Pedrol and naming his works with Biona. 

The shape is unique, memorable motorcycle light, compact and high-tech. Frame is made of mild steel and mated with the timber on the seat, airscoop front, to the gutter. Battery storage space under the seat. 

The main purpose of presenting this concept motorcycle, to inspire, though it would be difficult to realize. The designers continue to strive through the boundaries of human imagination and create a unique and tight considered. To Bonia, Jordi show the world new perception electric motorcycle. 

Interestingly, some of the questions posed Jordi in Bonia illustrate the design is, "What do we need a big plastic partition? What do we need a heavy weight that? What do we need the same design for a motorcycle? Biona Project was created to answer that question, build a new perspective on a motorcycle, "said Jordi. Source:: Otomotif.kompas


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