Monday, 7 February 2011

Caring Notebook From Two Sides

Caring for notebook or laptop can actually be practically easy. Support equipment maintenance became more varied and easily available. Caring Notebook preferably on two sides, namely the hardware side (hardware) and the software (software).

Notebook Hardware Maintenance 

To treat the notebook from the hardware side, we can start by providing physical protection for notebooks. Because it is mobile or can be easily moved, we must provide good protection. Gunakakan softcase or pocket protector to avoid scratches or collision with hard objects. 

To bring a notebook, use a bag that holds a special place to put the notebook. Better to use a bag that has the ability to hold water in anticipation of rain. A variety of bags with various models and price range available in the market. 

To protect the surface of the notebook, can also be paired with protective plastic. Plastic cover or the cover is available in various models and colors. There is also providing the guards with a special design from customers. Prices usually depend on large and complexity of the design. 

Notebook LCD screen should also be protected by scratch-resistant plastic. The keyboard can also be protected from dust and other small objects by using the keyboard cover made of soft rubber. Highly recommended to clean the dust in a notebook, especially the keyboard regularly. You can use a special vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush or a soft duster. 

If the notebook is used in a long time, use a notebook cooler to lower the temperature of the notebook. The temperature of the heat not only can reduce the performance of a notebook, but can also damage due to over heating.
Concerning the affairs of caring for the notebook battery, many different views. Some say the more rarely used, battery life will be more durable. There is also a charge the battery when it runs out. To ensure the battery care, consult your notebook distributor! 

Always keep your power adapter so as not to drop, and roll the cord with a circular shape to avoid a break in the cable section. Do not insert DVD or CD that is scratched, because it will overload the system that led to damage optical drives.

Software Maintenance Notebook 

Sometimes less software problems to the attention of notebook users. Always use the best and antivirus updates. If necessary, use more than one antivirus, because each has advantages and disadvantages. If a virus that infects the notebook can not be removed, usually the user will reformat the hard drive. However, if too often to format, it can damage the hard disk. 

There is also a virus that not only damage the file, but can also damage the hard drive. It is recommended to use a commercial antivirus created big companies like Norton, Kaspersky, or Avira, as well as a local antivirus like SmadAV. This is done to anticipate the artificial virus in the country. 

Strive to always know the limits the ability of your notebook. Do not run software that requires hardware specifications, surpassing notebook that you use. This can cause the hardware to work is too high which can cause damage. Be careful when experimenting with software that changes the configuration of hardware, like tweak tools or partition tool.
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