Monday, 3 January 2011

After Bird, Hundreds of Thousands of Fish Die

Hundreds of thousands of dead fish seen floating drum or swept to the edge.

Not to mention the collapse of the case revealed more than 1,000 birds after New Year's Eve, Fisheries Agency and Perburungan Arkansas, United States, plus be confused with the death of more than 100 thousand fish in the river Arkansas.

Hundreds of thousands of dead fish seen floating drum or swept to the edge. Surprisingly, only dead fish that occur in river waters of the Arkansas Ozark dam until the toll bridge, a distance of 109 kilometers 32 kilometers.

Arkansas fisheries agency spokesman, Keith Stephens, said the case stems from last week and continue and get worse until this time.

"We got a report last week from an operator who sees dead fish along the banks of the river, then we immediately send anyone to that place to see it," Stephens said as quoted from page Associated Press, January 2, 2011.

He said the fish did die like that every year in the Arkansas River. But the number of deaths is very big and not as usual. We have a team of researchers are still collecting samples of dead fish.

A first approximation, this drum fish die due to water pollution and infectious diseases. The nature of drum fish that forage in the river bed to make the most susceptible fish waste drums that had been settled.

"Ninety percent of dead fish is a drum, which is a meal in the basic search. This fish is not easily provoked fish in Arkansas," said Stephen.

Drum fish that enter into the family Sciaenidae is touted as the most powerful fish in this river, the meat also can not be eaten. That's what makes this fish can grow large and are called the most useless fish in the river Arkansas. The death of hundreds of thousands of fish, drum fish increasingly making a reputation worse.
"Right now safe to fish. You can still fish for grouper and catfish, it's okay. Just do not eat dead fish," said Stephen.

Responding to the possibility of contaminated waste streams, Stephen answered casually. He says no need to hold the cleaning because it will be done by the animals water. "There are raccoons and birds that will handle the cleanup, the area is too big for us," he said.

Source :: VIVAnews 

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