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Along the trail Civilization Beijing

As the capital of the most populous country in the world, Beijing has its own charm, so many tourists visit there. Restricted to the Great Wall of China in the north, Beijing has dozens of cultural heritage objects, such as the Forbidden City (Forbidden City) which is the former palace of imperial China in the past, to the Temple of Heaven.

Now, the Forbidden City became the Palace Museum which has lots of heritage objects imperial dynasty of China. Its location right in the middle of Beijing. Dealing directly with field Tian'anmen and the People's Heroes Memorial. In 1987, UNESCO enter the Forbidden City to the list of world heritage sites to be maintained.

Forbidden City
Forbidden City was built in 1406 AD, during the imperial Ming Dynasty, and finished 15 years later. Forbidden City is one of several Chinese imperial heritage buildings that still continue to survive until more than 5 centuries. 

Forbidden City in general consists of two main parts. First, the Outer Court is located in the south, serves as a place for the emperors of China to run the government and other state activities. Second, Inner Count serves as a residence Chinese emperor, empress, concubines and other imperial family. 

There is one characteristic that can be found in almost all buildings in the Forbidden City complex is the dominant use of the color gold. This refers to the notion that color is the color representing the imperial family.

Tian'anmen Square
Tian'anmen Gate in Chinese means peace of Heaven. Field was built since the year 1417 AD and is located right in front of the Forbidden City. Tian'anmen Square was originally used as a place of great ceremony to commemorate the emperor of China who ascended the throne and the queen.

Temple of Heaven
Moving into the southern part of Beijing, there is the Temple of Heaven. This area was used by Chinese emperors and imperial family to say their prayers to the gods in heaven. This was done because the Chinese emperor regarded as the son of the god of heaven, so that the world he is obliged to manage the empire and is associated with heaven

Built in 1420 AD, the Temple of Heaven is located in an area of ​​270 hectares and wider than the emperor's palace in the Forbidden City, because its philosophy something that was built for humans, should not exceed something that was built for the gods in heaven.

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