Monday, 17 January 2011

'Fish Dugong' Startle Selayar Islands

Various mythical stories and fairy tales spread throughout the village. 
Tuesday morning, January 11, 2011, citizen-Tongke Tongke Hamlet, Village Iowa, District Bontosikuyu, Selayar Islands District, South Sulawesi, a sudden uproar. The reason, found a sea creature believed to be a kind of fish that the locals is the incarnation of human and marine animal. The fishermen believe there even was a 'sea cow'. 

Female pairs of animals were found residents Tongke Hamlet-Tongke named Juma Ali (40), stranded in the coastal village of Bala-Bala Iowa. Shortly before they were discovered, sea creatures which was mentioned is actually a human population from Kendari who condemned this magic, barely able to connect breath. 

Not yet clear what this strange creature actually.
Because the body of marine animals has been attached a number of Gomi - a type of blood-sucking leeches - for adult palms. Luckily, Juma Ali can take off the leeches sea. 

After that, Juma Ali tried to restore the endangered animals into the sea. However, the 'sea cow' is like always refused thrashed. Juma Ali then decided to maintain it. A rope tied in the tail. The goal: as a starting reinforcements, to avoid Hamlet Tongke blow-tongke from storms and tidal waves that are raging lately. 

Since the seaweed-eating animals find it, Juma Ali so absurdly busy. He is almost no longer to carry out their routine activities. Every day, she must meet the demands of local residents as well as officials from local government agencies who came there to just watch and capture images of this rare fish. 

His ways, they are busy visiting, rarely willing to insert dollars into the pocket Juma Ali. Be Juma Ali, who sometimes have to fight the cold to wait on audience demand, bite the fingers while keeping the cranky. 

Entering the sixth day of a strange creature was discovered, various mystical stories and tales increasingly spread throughout the village. Some say 'mermaid' was like always coy when approached by men. And another story he always cries when it feels threatened. There is also a dream to grave: the creature was threatened that if not immediately released to the open sea, then Selayar Island and surrounding areas will soon disappear swallowed by the ocean. (Kd)  

Source :: VIVAnews


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