Monday, 3 January 2011

Killed Because of Condoms

A British man was found dead with his head wrapped in condoms. 
Despite its primary function as a means of sexual safety, condoms are also useful to add sensation sex. But beware, sexual pleasure can lead to disastrous if its use is not in accordance with procedures. 

Gary Ashbrook Do not let the experience happen to you. Lives of a British man 31 years because of this float wearing a condom on his head in 2007 ago. 

As quoted from page, Ashbrook was found dead in a naked condition, with his head swathed in rubber condom over her face, in her room, Fullbrook Avenue, Newhaven, England. 

While all around him, there are a number of cans of nitrous oxide, a kind of anesthetic gas used to enhance sexual arousal. 

Ashbrook allegedly deliberately bandaged his head with a condom in order to stimulate sexual pleasure. HIV-positive homosexual men is to perform an action after receiving false information from a friend on the internet. 

"He has a habit of wrapping his face with a condom during the last two to three months. He mimics the action of his friends on the Internet in order to increase sexual desire," said Michael Young, a friend of one house, when testifying in court. 

Young saw the strange habits such sadomasokis, the trend is not normal to get sexual pleasure. "I believe what happened is kecekalan. I'm sure he did not commit suicide, but just playing around with crazy ideas."......

Source :: VIVAnews

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