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Savor Power Balance Only Securities "Placebo

Power Balance Bracelet for a few months later became phenomenal. Some even wear the world famous figures such as David Beckam and Christiano Ronaldo. It is said, the product can improve balance, strength, and flexibility does not health.

Produsen Power Balance have scientific evidence about its benefits. However, they say, millions of people from 30 countries have benefited the bracelet. One who claims to feel the benefits are the Cardiff Blues rugby team from Wales, UK. 

In order to scientifically assess the benefits, programs BBC Wales X-Ray in collaboration with scientists from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) to do research. Both parties do the tests on 10 athletes at random and see the changes that occur after using the bracelet. 

Dr Gareth Irwin, Head of the Department of Bio Mechanics UWIC involved in the research, asked the athletes to do four light exercise with and without the bracelet Power Balance. Different tests conducted with the test are tested by the manufacturer Power Balance bracelet before. 

Irwin asked all athletes closed his eyes during the test. As a result, a very simple test showed no difference in performance between using Power Balance bracelets and other bracelets. "We analyzed statistically and found no significant difference," he said as quoted by the BBC website, November 2010. 

He pointed out, "Physiology and biology athletes did not change with wearing the bracelet. The small difference may exist, but that's just the placebo effect." The results of this research together with the opinion of Dr Andrew Dearden of the British Medical Association that says, bracelets Power Balance is a "pseudo science". 

Currently, the Power Balance has deleted promotional video as part of changes to the product site in the UK. The company is also said to have been "shut down" all the unofficial sites Power Balance to reduce the information that is not accurate. 

Responding to the BBC's investigation and UWIC, a spokesman said, among the believers in the power of Power Balance is never forced. In fact, they promised to return the money if the user is not satisfied with the benefits of the bracelet. 

The company also said the teams and individuals in England who was wearing the bracelet was not paid. They only pay a few athletes in the United States as compensation when using his image. Teams Cardiff Blues claimed not get paid. Cardiff Government does not react with the results of this investigation.

Source :: Kompas.com 

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