Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Answering Power Balance Bracelet Controversy

Power Balance Australia will continue selling rubber bracelets that a hologram. 

Medical benefits bracelet Power Balance Power Balance questionable after Australia to apologize and said there was no scientific evidence that supports the ability of the bracelet was to increase strength, balance, and flexibility of the body. 

Responding to the controversy that emerged, the United States Power Balance, as the parent company, stating that the case was just a mistake marketing creatives in Australia. As a result, Power Balance breach of trade practices laws in that country. 

"For clarity, we were allowed to resume sales of Power Balance in Australia. It's just a matter of correcting previous marketing claim," the open statement on their official website, powerbalance.com. However, no correction is done is described detail. 

Manager of Power Balance Indonesia, Yudi Toengkagie, suspect that the Supervisory Board Consumer Australia (ACCC) claims are false because the efficacy of promotional bracelets made redundant Power Balance Australia. Hype that's what triggered the impression to deceive the public. 

"This problem must be because there are so crowded campaign statement stating that these products can cure disease," said Yudi. "This product can indeed help improve the performance of the wearer, but not to cure disease." 

Yudi admit that there are no clinical trials related to the benefits of these products, nor do I have permission from the Ministry of Health. That's because this product is not a drug that could cure disease. "We (in Indonesia) never exaggerate the efficacy of the Power Balance," he said. 

In each bracelet Power Balance original packaging marketed in Indonesia, said Yudi, stated clearly that the bracelet was not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. However, only improve performance. 

Pursuant to Public Power Balance in the United States, consumers who feel cheated can return it and get his money back within 30 days after purchase. To be sure, according to Yudi, Power Balance sales will not be stopped. Source:: VIVAnews

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