Thursday, 13 January 2011

10 Two women will Climb the Highest Mountain

This is an effort to raise money for lupus sufferers in the country.  

A total of 10 women climbers over the age of 40 years are going to climb Mount Cayambe (5790 m) and Chimborazo (6300 m) in Ecuador, South America, as a fundraising effort for people with lupus in the country. 

Under the flag of Equatorial Peaks for Lupus (E4L), a team of climbers is once again complete the mission '3 Peak Equator, 'climbing the three highest peaks on the equator with permanent snow. Efforts to climb to get support from various parties, including the World Wide Synergy Indonesia. 

"Mount Cayambe is the third highest mountain in Ecuador, Latin America, and is open to the eternal snow of the mountain last at the equator that still leaves stretch of desert and snow-covered peaks. Meanwhile, with five peaks of Mount Chimborazo, recognized as the highest volcano in Ecuador. Mountain also recognized worldwide as the world's highest mountain, its peak when the distance is calculated from the center of the earth, "said Chairman E4L, Ami Saragih, in a press release. 

To 10 climbers each woman: Ami KMD Saragih (46, psychologist), Amalia Yunita (43, self-employed), Veronica (47, private employees), Diah Bisono (45 years old, self-employed), Miranda Wiemar (43, accountant) , Tejasari (42, independent financial planner), Dwiastuti Soenardi (53 years, Private Employees), Heni Juhaeni (44, consultant outdoor equipment), Imas Emi Sufraeni (45, housewife), and Myrnie Zachraini Tamin (47, accountant) . The only man who will be climbing companion is Mercy, as coach of the team. 

This is the third expedition climbers who made 10 women aged over 40 years to raising funds to the Lupus Foundation of Indonesia (YLI). Concern E4L team is on the environment and others dedicated to increasing recognition of the disease Lupus. 

In a survey indicated that 9 out of 10 people with lupus (Odapus) were women and detected more attacking in the productive years (age 15-44). The number of sufferers are believed to be greater than successfully detected, while an understanding of the disease is still very minimal. 

"Expedition E4L which this year supported one of them by Synergy World Wide Indonesia is expected to be an inspiration for other women to remain close to the environment and on the move or exercise, without having to worry about age," said Ami Saragih. 

Synergy World Wide Indonesia provided support to the teams climbing in the form of food products, such as ProArgi-9 Plus and Mistica, and several other types of products to help maintain health and increase their stamina. 

Products Pro Argi-9 Plus supports efforts to Jordan Romero becomes the youngest climbers who had conquered the world's sixth highest peak (Gunung. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa, July 2006; Mt. Kosciuszko, Australia, April 2007: Mount Elbrus, Russia, Europe July 2007; Mount Aconcagua, Argentina, South America, December 2007; Mount Denali, Alaska, North America, June 2008; Carstensz Pyramid, Indonesia, September 2009). (Sj) 

Source :: VIVAnews


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