Friday, 7 January 2011

6 Tips Enjoy Comfortable in Plane Travel

Many ways to make your holiday trip comfortable. 

 Plan a tour to go somewhere with the family during the holidays arrive is anticipated. However, a lot of preparation and planning that must be made carefully, especially if your holiday exploring the interesting places in several countries. 

Travelling cross-country as we know takes a long time. You also need to prepare everything. Here are tips, a long journey by plane, as quoted from page Shine: 

1. Carrying a small bag
Prepare a small bag filled with toothbrushes, towels and essential supplies including soap facial cleanser. These simple items need to be taken, for the trip keep your look fresh and not worn when off the plane. 

2. Do not forget ikutsertakan in travel insurance
You never know what surprises will happen during the trip. Maybe there will be an emergency event that really needs help immediately, including the cancellation of flights or accidents that may disrupt your travel plans. For that, there's no harm in taking part into clients travel insurance. 

3. Save a copy of your passport separate from their own passport and leave a copy of it at home
By entrust to someone who you trust. If you misplace your passport, you have all the information available in the copy of passport. 

4. If you are traveling internationally, make sure you have extra pages in your passport. Immigration rules are strict and you need to blank pages for exit and entry or stamps. 

5. Wear socks.
During the trip in a plane is not impossible it will feel very cold air. So, to warm you also need socks. It is also important to protect the foot when shoes are released. 

6. Bring your own food and blankets on the plane.
This will ensure that you are well fed and warm for long flights. (Umi)  

Source:: VIVAnews


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