Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Festival riding Without Pants

Only the top shirt, underwear, and shoes that can be used. 

All passengers must remove the skirt or pants they wore before boarding the subway in New York City, on January 10, 2011. Just wearing a full dress and panties, they celebrate the annual festival 'riding Without Pants'. 

As quoted from page Aol, about 3,500 townspeople helped enliven the festival which has entered the 10th year of this. During the train ride, they keep their pants or skirts in the bag. 

The festival is not just challenging shame, but also the winter air raid in the city. Though the body still wearing warm jackets and scarves, their legs not covered with any protective, except shoes. 

"This is just to break the monotony of the situation during the winter, I think people need a little madness," said Charlie Todd of Improve Everywhere, as the originator of the event told The Wall Street Journal. 

This festival not only take place in New York City, but also in 50 cities from 24 states in the United States, from Mexico to Boston. It became a kind of mass fanfare that always awaited every winter. 

Organizers in Washington DC confirmed that this is not a festival naked potentially invite chaos. "It should be noted that this is not a festival or a group of naked, this is also not associated with groups of naked 'naughty'." Source:: VIVAnews


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