Wednesday, 5 January 2011

10 Keys Success To You, Boss

Some say the view that gender affects leadership. It is said that man is better and more professional than women when the boss position. True? Well, of course not. During a woman knows the key to success being a boss, he did not lose the thumb than men in the lead. You want to know the key as well? Let's look together. 

1. Liaise with other colleagues 

"Do not be afraid to get in touch with other colleagues, especially women," said Ella L. J. Edmondson Bell, author of GPS CAREER: Strategies for navigating WOMEN THE NEW CORPORATE LANDSCAPE. Because these women can be a source of intelligence, and support that build and strengthen. "Every woman needs a group of women supporters success." 

2. Immediately 

"Say what you mean as clearly superior," says Barbara Annis of Barbara Annis & Associates. It is easy to misinterpret a purpose, especially for women known to be very personal and complex. Just remember that when in office, the law applicable professional, not personal. 

3. Do not change just to gain acceptance 

Be careful to not become too ambitious, individualistic, selfish, even manifestly declared 'war' with other colleagues just because you want to prove yourself that you can afford, suggestions Edmondson Bell. 

4. Help the other fellow 

If you've managed to climb the success ladder position, so be sure to open the way for others to be able to reach it as well. "Just because you used to be so hard to go up the position, did not mean other people should experience the same difficult and bitter," said Annis. Believe it, difficult for others to tread the ladder of success is really sneaky and do not bring benefits. 

5. Be pure 

Authenticity themselves and inspire others to become a strong basis for relationships with others, said Emondson. "Just because you're a woman, then it's no big deal. It's just a part of yourself. And, you do not need to be ashamed of your identity." 

6. Prepare a clear accountability 

As a leader, it is important for you to always provide answers / clear reference to subordinates / other colleagues. Nothing is more frustrating than making a subordinate supervisor who just can 'inhibit' work process, because the lack of explanation to several factors. 

7. Give the right employees 

Stealing / boycott clearly vested insular and very useless. For if subordinates successful, then you as the boss, who also will taste impact. After all, you who hired him is not it? 

8. Give awards 

Every worker must have longed for a raise, but if you / the company has not been able to give, then give awards to exemplary employees in other ways. Alternative sentence is sufficient praise can raise heart and spirit of subordinates to work harder. 

9. Enable and encourage cooperation 

Subordinate only to pit would destroy productivity and corporate image. Conversely, an environment that is filled with an atmosphere of mutual support to one another is a source of success and comfort of work. 

10. Be a role model 

How you carry yourself in various situations, while attending a meeting, when faced with client complaints, until dinner time on business, it sends an open message read by subordinates about the manner can / cannot be accepted at the company. If you're always tinkering with BB when he was speaking, you deliver the message that the other person's worthless. We're overloaded, you should ask them again to see when you can devote your full attention. (Wo / meg)

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