Wednesday, 5 January 2011

More Healthy in the Year 2011

New Year 2011 has arrived, this time for you to enter a new phase. Early years is a good time to make plans and make it happen, especially in the field of health. What are the resolutions that can be made for more healthy and happy in this 2011? 

Diet and nutrition - If you include workers who are busy and have a poor diet, eating smoothies every day is an easy and delicious way to eat more fruit. 

- Want to live a healthier diet? At dinner, imagine your plate divided into four sections. Two sections must contain fruits and vegetables, one portion containing the protein and the rest contain carbohydrates. 

- Do the little things but big benefit, such as eating one serving of fruit and vegetables every day or stop adding salt in cooking. 

Mental health - Try something new, can be a hobby or take a particular course. This is a great way to increase self-confidence, keeping the brain is constantly active, while increasing the number of friends. 

- Setting money is simple, we just prefer to turn a blind eye rather than wrestle with the count numbers. This year, take the time to sit down and record all your expenses. Choose the type of non-essential spending and see the results within a few months. 

- Provide more time for the baby. Research shows children need the attention of parents to develop language and social skills. 

Public health - yet also managed to eliminate the smoking habit? Maybe you can get help from a doctor who will recommend the best place to seek professional help. 

- Train the brain. Just as hands and feet, the brain also needs exercise. We must use them regularly or we will lose mental focus. Reading and crossword puzzle could be one way to maintain brain fitness. 

Fitness - Exercising while listening to music. Research shows listening to music while exercising will help us work out longer and harder. 

- Start saturated with this type of exercise you? Perform variety of exercises or try a popular fitness program to enhance the passion of sports. 

- Running is an inexpensive sport, can be done anytime and great benefit. As a variation, do run barefoot to enhance resilience and stability of the foot. Begin by walking quickly with higher intensity.

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