Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Know Your Network Devices

The need of data processing information in an enterprise that involves a computer network is considered very significant. There are several things that must be considered in building a network of computers, especially computer networking devices. The devices that are used should be tailored to the needs.

Generally, computer network equipment required is:

  • Network Card (LAN Card) is installed on a PC function to be able to communicate with other computers that are interconnected with the network using a Local Area Network (LAN). To connect it using a coaxial cable, twisted pair and can be used also wireless LAN.
  • Hub. Shaped tool box with some holes in the back of this is the tool as a recipient of signals from a computer, then mentranmisikan to another computer that is connected in one network and the appliance is a signal booster on UTP cable.
  • Switch. Basically a switch function similar to the Hub. What distinguishes it is the switch knows the MAC address that serves to sort out which data should be transmitted. While the hub does not recognize the MAC address so it can not pick and sort out which data should be transmitted and what is not.
  • Router, a device connecting the computer network as data packets between two network segments, and even more.
  • Repeater, this device serves to strengthen the signal for connecting a remote device.
  • Bridge, this device serves to bridge the two networks. In fact, the bridge can connect networks that have a medium of communication and network topology that is different though.
  • Modem, this device is used to convert analog signals into digital signals and vice versa digital to analog. This tool has a role linking computers to the Internet. The tool is divided in 2 types of internal modem and external modem.
  • Cable, it was the path that connects each device. There are 3 types of cable commonly used in building a network such as coaxial cables, UTP cables and fiber optic cable.
  • Connector, this tool is a device used as an interface cable mounted on the end of the cable. There are several kinds of connectors in accordance with the type of cable to be used, such as: BNC connector for coaxial cable, RJ45 connector for UTP cable types and ST connectors for fiber optic cable.
  • Crimping tools, this tool is used to attach the cable to the RJ45 connector.
  • Cabel Tester, the tool is used to check the cables and RJ45 connectors are already installed if installed correctly or not. 
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