Friday, 10 December 2010

MP3 Player Fueled Human Body

The device is taped to the skin, energy sources derived from the user's body temperature.

Chih-Wei Wang and His Shou-Fu, from China designer MP3 player specially designed and unique. Given plants Skinny Player, music player does not need to be pinned on the shirt, belt, or dikantungi. Simply attached to the skin of the user, like a plaster bandage.
Both designers claim, an MP3 player that their designs will not lose its adhesive power even if has been installed as many as a hundred times-off from the skin.
As quoted from Discovery, December 3, 2010, in addition to taped to the skin, MP3 player also does not require batteries. To work, Skinny Player requires only heat from the human body.
From the information circulated, Skinny Player only has the on / off and flexible speaker who can dilekuk according to body surface that is attached MP3 player.
Not yet known how the user can adjust the volume of music produced, but the estimated amount of memory used was not large. Designed simply to keep an album of music.
Technical information is available about this MP3 player and how the body heat can be used to supply power, but also not yet available. However, small size, flexible and can be taped on the skin makes Skinny Player touted suitable for use by those who like gymnastics or jogging one morning while accompanied by music.
His Wang Wei and Fu also yet to reveal when they design a music player that will be available on the market. However, analysts caution, the rise of information circulating about this device, it is estimated Skinny Player will come in the near future.

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