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Definition and Types News

Every morning, both from the mass media and electronic media, we are often treated with a variety of news going on around us. What exactly is news? And so important is its presence in the community so many news media are willing to hunt down to the various corners of the world? 

Understanding News
The word "news" comes from Sanskrit language "vrit" or in English is called "write" which actually means "place" or "no". Some people also have a mention of this news as "vritta", namely "event" or "happened". While the news by Big Indonesian Dictionary is the story or description about the event or occurrence that warm. 

News is a form of a report about an incident that occurred or Beru latest information about an event. News is an interesting fact or something that is important to note that usually delivered on the audience through a medium. However, not all facts can be elevated into a story by the media. 

There are several important elements that into consideration that a fact that can be lifted into news. An important element is as follows.

  1. Important; namely an event or occurrence that may affect or impact on people's lives.
  2. Large; ie an event that involves the figures in large numbers.
  3. Left; ie a new event occurs, present, and has not experienced precipitation.
  4. Near; means, an event close to the reader, both in terms of emotional and geographical terms.
  5. Popular, which is an event that does have a high level of popularity among the masses.
  6. Humane; ie an event that has a human interest and capable of providing a touch of feeling for many.
Key elements should be explored with the application of other important elements, namely 5W1H; what, who, Nowhere, Pls, why, and how. 

News Types
News has a very broad sense, many experts who have their own definition to describe the sense of news. Of the many notions of news, then came the kinds of news in the community. The types of news are as follows.

  • Straight News; is straight news, as it is, and is usually written or delivered a short and straightforward. 

  • Depth News; is reviewed in depth news. The things that are under the surface of the problem was developed by the creators of news, but still contains facts about the surface of the same problem. 

  • Investigation News; is news that raised and developed on the basis of various investigations or studies or from other sources we deem reliable. 

  • Interpretative News; news is that developed by the interpretation or opinion-makers and the research conducted conveys news or news.

  • Opinion News: is the news that contains a person's opinions about an event or occurrence that was happening. Normally, this news is the opinion of important leaders, scholars, experts, or authorities. 
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