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How to Increase Internet Speed

Could the Internet can be lauched its speed? Could it be that speed can be increased up to twice? If two questions are always haunt your head, do not worry. Soon you will know how to throw. Here's a little tip on how to increase internet speed. 

Velocity or speed. What is the velocity or speed it? Before we go any further how to maximize the speed of the internet, you should first understand about the meaning of the velocity or speed internet. 

Speed or velocity is the amount of data flowing in and out when the Internet connection in progress. Data? What does he mean? When we surf the internet, there are data flow is used to load web content. 

Suppose we open site. Well in that site there are a variety of content, there are pictures, text, video, and sound. All that content has a 'weight'. All that content has a 'weight'. 

And to load all the content needed connections. The faster the connection, the faster the content will be displayed. And the sooner our internet connection speed, delay or loading process will be more brief. 

Not infrequently when the connection is slow or speed Internet use is not qualified to be our own stress. Opening a webpage just one tab length for mercy. This could occur due to several factors. Could be due to weather, bandwidth-intensive, and not one of the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) alone. 

So now, how to increase internet speed? Here means the speed varies. The speed of surfing the internet or speed when downloading content on the Internet? Whatever the choice, how mensiasatinya also different. 

Speed Surf 

To increase the speed of browsing web sites on the Internet, we can take advantage of ways known Tweking. Twek the first is the Un-reserving bandwidth, ie by storing 20% of the bandwidth available to users of Windows XP. 

Sedangkang Twek the second is by Optimizing the TCP / IP settings, by using free software called G TCP Optimizer. What use this software? With G we can optimize TCP Optimizer packet data when connected to the Internet. 

Speed Download 

So how to cope with download speeds? There are several ways that can be done. And in this business, there is even software that mengeklaim can increase download speed up to 300-fold. Incredible, is not it? 

Usually a fan of downloading on the Internet using software downloader as a weapon in the download process. And with software downloaded in addition to optimize the process weekly, also can regulate the process weekly. What does he mean? 

The process can be arranged weekly. So we do not have misgivings when uduhan stopped in the middle of the road. Because the software downloader downloads process can be controlled. Examples of such software IDM downloader, Orbit, Download Accelerator, and so forth. 

How, still confused in improving the process weekly? Or is not this tip that you want? Write in the comment box or ask if there are less understood. Good luck.

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Oneeye aa on 17 November 2011 at 02:16 said...

You can increase the Internet speed using the Manual tips,It's best rather than using the speed booster software,You can follow the tips below to increase the speed of the internet ....

You can use the Tips below to increase the Internet speed.

click start > run
- enter "gpedit.msc" and hit ok
- go to computer configuration > administrative templates > network
- click the folder "QoS Packet Scheduler"
- right-click "Reservable Bandwidth", select properties
- Change it from "Not Configured" to "Enabled" and set your bandwidth limit to "0"
- Select OK

- Go to "My Network Places", then "View Network Connections"
- Right-click your internet connection you want this to work for and select Properties.
- Make sure "QoS packet Scheduler" is checked off.

- Close everything and restart your computer.

Now you have 20% more of your available bandwidth to use.

You can check the Internet speed at here before and after using this tips

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