Tuesday, 11 January 2011

This Men Marry Pets

Marriage is a sacred event that brings together two people in the household.  

A young man from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia wanted to perpetuate the relationship with his friend in a marriage bond. However, his best friend is not a woman, but a five-year-old Labrador, named Honey. 

Joseph Guiso and Honey's wedding took place at Laurel Park, the city of Toowoomba. Guiso adopt Honey since five years ago. 

Thirty close friends and family of the couple attended the solemn ceremony that took place. The wedding was like a reception usually with tables and chairs for guests and wedding couples. 

"You are my friend and make my life better," said Guiso when reading the oath of marriage, as quoted by The Chronicle. "We can get through everything together." 

"He did not say anything, so I regard it as an answer 'yes'," said the man who had felt guilty about living in a home with Honey without the marriage bond. 

"Our marriage was a love," he said of his new status. Couples who married December 1, 2010 and it spent a brief honeymoon with a walk in the park one of Toowoomba. 

A similar marriage never done a man from India named Selvakumar who married a female dog named Silva. Marriage is a form of penance because he had stoned two dogs to stone to death 15 years ago. 

Since the two dogs were killed, Selvakumar suffered paralysis and loss of hearing and speaking abilities. He felt it as a curse. And, a shaman said that the curse can be lost if he was married and living with dogs.  

Source:: VIVAnews


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