Friday, 10 December 2010

10 Countries The access FACEBOOK up Largest in 2010

up is still the most popular sites in the world version of Google AdPlanner. Within six years, social networks from the United States today already has half a billion users in the world, exactly 571,884,500 users. Fantastic.
In the last month alone, about 750 billion pages up back and forth opened the world's Internet users. Usually known as the page view. 

From Google AdPlanner statistics as of late November, Facebook is still above (2), (3), (4), and (5). 

Up increasingly popular. So anyone that accesses the state's largest social networking world? Here are 10 countries accessor up the largest per-year 2010: 

No. Country                Number of users
1.    United States        146,805,000  

2.    Indonesia              31,784,080  
3.    United Kingdom    28,935,380  
4.    Turkey                  24,143,980  
5.    France                  20,469,420 
6.    Philippines            18,901,900  
7.    Mexico                18,243,080  
8.    Italy                     17,812,800  
9.    Canada                17,522,780  
10.  India                    16,915,900
According CheckFacebook known to audiences up in Indonesia reached 31.7 million, exactly 31,784,080. With an online population of 100 per cent, Indonesia controls 5.56 percent of total Facebook users in the world. 

By gender, male users more dominant in Indonesia, which is about 18.7 million (59.1 percent), than women in number is estimated around 12.9 million (40.9 percent). 

Meanwhile, based on age, age range 18-24 years is the largest, ie, 13.1 million users (41.5 percent). Followed by adolescents 14-17 years age range of 8 million users (25.4 percent), and age range 25-34 years amounted to 6.8 million users (21.6 percent). The rest, not more than 20 percent. 

For the 35-44 year age range, users around 2 million users (6.2 percent). While the 44-54 year age range, there are about 525 thousand users (1.7 percent), equivalent to an age range 55 and above, about 500 thousand (1.7 percent). User portion of children, or 13 years and under, accounting for 615 thousand (1.9 percent). 

The data above dikutiip VIVAnews from CheckFacebook. Howeve
r, CheckFacebook not affiliated with Facebook. Every day, CheckFacebook publish data reported from advertising tool up to help marketers and research institutions to understand how the up scattered around the world.

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