Friday, 7 January 2011

Surfing With Modem

Now, it's not a rare thing again when many people access the Internet with a modem. With this handy little thing, people can access the Internet anytime and anywhere. But though it was a lot of people who wear them, many have yet to really know, what exactly is a modem? 

Definition Modem
Modem comes from the abbreviation of two parts of the system; modulator and demodulator. Modulator is the part that converts the signal information into the signal (carrier) and ready to ship. While the demodulator is the part that separates the information signal (which contain data or messages) of the received carrier signal, so that information can be received well. 

Modem is a merger of the two. This means that the modem is a two-way communication tool. Any long-distance communication device generally uses two-way section called "modem", such as VSAT, Microwave Radio, and others. But modems are generally better known as a hardware or hardware that is often used to communicate on the computer. 

The way it works, the data from a computer in the form of digital signals, provided to the modem to be converted into an analog signal. Then the analog signal can be transmitted via telecommunications media such as telephone and radio. Arriving at the destination modem, the analog signal is converted back into digital signals and transmitted to the computer. Physically, the modem is divided into two kinds, namely an external modem (usually plugged in the computer), and an internal modem (which is already contained in the computer).

Variety and Facilities Modem
Appropriate type, the modem consists of a variety of forms. 3gp example modem, GSM modem, analog modem (which convert analog signals into digital signals), cable modem (which receives data directly via cable TV), CDMA modems, internal modems, external modems, and ADSL modem (Asymetric Digital Subscribe Line). 

Modem ADSL technology lets you use the Internet as well as calling at the same time. For this type, given a device called a splitter or divider line. Splitter positions are placed in front of the line calls. This means you can not branch to the ADSL modem line with direct sound. Splitter useful tool to eliminate interference when you're using ADSL modem. With the splitter, both can be used together, so you can answer and calling someone with a regular phone. On the other hand, you can still connect to the internet via ADSL modem. 

Direct broadcast satellite, WiFi, and mobile phones, it also uses a modem to communicate, just like any other wireless communication devices. Modems are commonly used in the phone (eg GPRS, WiMax, etc.) is called with Cellular Modem. Cellular modems can also be paired on the inside or outside of the laptop (just like flash drives). Cellular modem the latest and fastest (UMTS, HSPA, EVDO, WiMax) is also called cellular broadband modems. Rates of use are also very different in each country. 

So, wants to surf safely and conveniently, anytime and anywhere? Nothing wrong with you start using the modem right now. 

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