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Elected Governor of Yogyakarta, Sultan Position at Which?...

National Mandate Party faction House of Representatives of the 2009-2014 period is changing the position of Special Region Governor to support the design selected. PAN left attitude ago period, which supports the Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region is the Sultan of Yogyakarta.
National Mandate Party chairman who is also Vice Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives in charge of government, Hakam Naja, states, the privilege must be based on the constitution DIY. Honoring the 1945 area features associated with role Yogya in the war for independence.

The problem, said Hakam, the constitution also mandates local leaders elected by the people. PAN's view, both aspects of the constitution that must be integrated.
"Privileges accommodated, given the space. That is, that the role of Yogya privilege given tribute. On the other hand, democratically elected governors and mayors. Two of the corridor was conducted harmonization," he said.
Therefore, PAN supports the draft that puts the Sultan was on the Board of Governors as Parardhya or palace. This proposal is in line with the draft offer from the University of Gadjah Mada. "There are executives themselves, there is Parardhya it. We were almost equal to the (proposed) GMU campus," said Hakam.
Parardhya have a right of veto against a draft policy of the Local Government.
However, Hakam said the official stance of waiting for the draft PAN initiative of the government sent to Parliament.
Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi said the draft was being finalized. This December the government will send to the House of Representatives.
Gamawan the former governor of West Sumatra was mentioned, there are six design features to Yogyakarta. Only one feature that was not final and that is about the position of Governor of the Sultan of Yogyakarta. "Is (the governor) democratically elected, is how we translate," he said.
Gamawan added, specialty draft was prepared not to Yogyakarta Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, now ruling alone. If successfully invited-legislated, will be valid for the next sultan.
"Now may the age of Sultan enough (strong became governor), but in the future if age 80 or 90 years old Sultan, is still strong so the governor?" he said. "Or," Gamawan said, "if later Sultan (next) 25 years old, is also automatically become governor?"
So, Gamawan said, should be considered a matter of constitutional rules and the regional head of this privilege. "It's not angry," he said.
Apart from the argument that, in Yogyakarta village officials have determined the attitude and prepared to boycott. The device incorporated village in the Village People's Circle of Friends Nusantara Yogyakarta (DIY) strongly opposed the election of Governor of DIY. According to them, the establishment of the Sultan and Paku Alam as a form of privilege protected under the 1945 Constitution Article 18B.
"People in this case also does not irregular fluctuation. Why did the central government should impose his own will without seeing the facts that exist in the community of Yogyakarta," said Rustam Fatoni, the village head Jambitan, Banguntapan subdistrict, Bantul District, Yogyakarta Special Region, which is active in the Parade Nusantara .
Fatoni further stated that the establishment of the office of governor as well as a desirable form of democracy that the people of Yogyakarta and not be imposed by the election. "In fact, in a democratic system that elected by the people of Yogyakarta is the setting for the office of governor without having made the election," he said.
And if the selection model is applied, Fatoni Rustam is expressly also expressed readiness to resist movement. "We will unite forces against the parties who want to eliminate the privilege of DIY including from the central government if it is still desperate in the election for the office of governor," he said.
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