Friday, 7 January 2011

Palestine: Israeli Soldiers Shoot Wrong People

Rather than catch the militants, Israeli soldiers shot middle-aged grandfather who was sleeping. 
Tensions again occurred in the West Bank after Israel's military mistakenly shot and killed by Palestinian men aged 65 years. 

As published by the Associated Press Saturday, January 8, 2011, middle-aged man was shot in his bed in dawn raids conducted on Friday. 

Israeli officials claimed a surprise attack carried out to arrest Hamas militants in the West Bank. 

Passover attack on Friday night, the Israeli military announced one soldiers were killed and four others wounded after a shootout with Palestinian militants along the Gaza border.
However, Palestinian officials and rescue workers in Hebron, West Bank says Israel shot the wrong target. Instead of shooting the militant, Zionist forces killed Omar Kawasmeh (65), who lives one building, but different floors with militants who are targeted. 

Records of the Associated Press Television showed a bed covered in blood and shell casings in the bedroom Kawasmeh. 

How did Israel respond? The military said in a statement expressed "regrets this incident" and will investigate. The Israeli military said it had arrested militants who were targeted raids, Wael Mahmoud Said Bitar.
Bitar was arrested for allegedly planning a suicide bombing before his arrest by the Palestinian Authority two years ago. In a suicide bombing which he designed in 2008, an Israeli woman was killed, while 10 others were injured. 

Palestine-Israel Tensions increased after Chile, last Friday, giving recognition to the Palestinian state - called the United States as a step 'premature', and by Israel called 'endanger the Middle East peace'. Meanwhile, for the Palestinians, recognizing that strengthened their position from the oppression of Israel. 

Chile step following the other Latin American countries, Brazil and Argentina. 

What is the reason they support the Palestinians? Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, Hector Timerman, as reported by the Associated Press, said that Argentina is very concerned about the target of peace talks in Madrid in 1991 and 1993 in Oslo has not been reached. Now, he says, is the perfect time to recognize Palestine as a state. 

"The time has come to recognize Palestine as a country free and independent," Timerman said. (Art) Source :: VIVAnews


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