Thursday, 13 January 2011

Palestinian Factions Agree to Not Attack Israel

Ceasefire agreement will be announced officially in the near future. 
All Palestinian factions and organizations have agreed not to fight any attack into Israel. This is to make the situation in the Palestinian territories, such as the West Bank and Gaza, to be calm. However, they are ready to respond if Israel attacked first. 

According to the daily Jerusalem Post, the deal was created at a meeting of representatives of various factions in the Gaza Strip, Wednesday, January 12, 2011 local time. This meeting specifically to discuss how to prevent open warfare resumed between Palestinians and Israelis. This war has made a misery of the Palestinians who lost property as well as his relatives were killed.
Sources of the Hamas group, which is not to be named, said that all factions representatives in attendance agreed to support a national consensus not to fire rockets into Israeli land. 

But the agreement does not apply if Israel first attacked the West Bank and Gaza Strip. If this happens, Hamas will still reply to the attack by firing rockets or other weapons to the Zionist entity. 

The meeting was convened at the request of the Hamas faction. Faction leaders earlier this Khaleed Meshal was persistent encourage a diverse group of militants in the Gaza Strip to stop firing rockets and mortars into Israel. 

At the meeting, Hamas faction represented by Mahmoud Zahar, and khalil al-Hayeh. Hamas sources said that the cease-fire agreement between Palestine and Israel will then be officially announced in the near future.
Sources in the Gaza Strip which is also not to be named said that the militant Hamas lately does look more calm and never launch attacks on Israel. He said that the attack most recently launched by Islamic Jihad group. 

Senior Islamic Jihad, Mahmoud Hindi, said the organization has also reached an agreement with other Palestinian groups to calm the situation on the ground. He also denied saying some people that the Islamic Jihad and Hamas are at loggerheads about this ceasefire agreement. 

Earlier, the Egyptian government also warned Hamas and other Palestinian militant organizations that the war with Israel would not inevitable if they are still firing rockets. Mortar and rocket fired from the Gaza Strip increased in recent years. In January alone, 20 attacks have been directed at Israel.  

Source :: VIVAnews


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