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Science Progress

LMU knowledge is the result of human effort to solve the mystery of the spread in the universe. That said, this effort has begun to do since the time before Socrates (a great philosopher who lived in Greece). Indeed, the development of natural science can not be separated from human berfilsafatnya activities. 

Before Socrates 

Since the days prior to Socrates, the philosopher much talk about things relating to the origin of the universe. Initially, this activity was done because of the admiration and curiosity of humans against everything that they see in her life. 

Arche or origin of the main focus of the debate of the philosophers before the advent of Socrates. You could say that this activity became the forerunner of the development of natural science in this world. Just mention Pythagoras, a philosopher and mathematician was also stated that nature is composed of the figures. 

Greek Life Myth Mastered 

Natural life is very controlled by the Greek myths. Many deities are associated with all the natural phenomena that occur at the time. Both the natural phenomena that benefit or harm. For the philosopher, the existence of god is just imagination or projection of human weakness. 

They believe that humans are able to answer the riddle of this nature using their intellect. It was there, the natural sciences began to stand, above the ratio of human reason, and leave all kinds of myths that are not useful. 


Entering the Middle Ages, when the power is very large church, science seemed to take a rest from its activities. Anything that is contrary to God and his power quickly disingkirakan by the church. Natural science and philosophy were considered to be entering a period of darkness at the time. 

Effort has also been conducted by Copernicus, a physicist who dared to oppose the idea of the church. He rejected arguments that the church states that the center of the universe is the earth. According to him, the center of the universe is the sun. Copernicus Business is an important part in the history of natural science. 

For Karl Popper, what Copernicus was a big revolution in the development of natural science. Copernicus has opened a big way for humans to continue to try in the opening curtain in the universe. It is said that Copernicus is considered the "Father of Modern Physics initial generation before, followed by Isaac Newton. 

Modern Physics 

Natural science or the more popular with science sebuatan marked by the emergence of modern physics as a cornerstone of science. Modern science rejects all arguments that can not be verified through experimental. Is the word in vain for them if a statement can not be proven right or wrong.
Exactly what the August Comte that human development will lead to the peak of knowledge. Myth, philosophy, and religion, became displaced arguments and people will come to a time when science becomes a very important role. 

Newton and Einstein 

Two foreign character name is not present in the development of natural science. Newton (1643-1727) was a physicist who is famous for some of the theories that he cetuskan. For example, the theory of mechanics, optics, or the more popular of Newton's gravity. While Einstein (1879-1955), better known by his theory of relativity. 

In between, there are different explanations about the theory of gravity. According to Newton, gravity is due to gravity, while Einstein explained that gravity occurs because of space and time curve. 

To understand Newton's explanation, you can perform a simple simulation. Take a watermelon fruit. Then, split evenly into two parts. You will see that the central point of watermelon fruit. It was there, according to Newton's gravity center is located. Any object that fell on earth will be drawn by a force toward the center of the earth. That's how gravity work in progress. 

According to Einstein, gravity is because space and time curve. Let us perform a simple simulation again. Spread a cloth glove and place it right in the middle of watermelon fruit. Likened sarong as a space and time, while the watermelon as the earth. 

Lift the end of the glove (by two people) simultaneously. Then, you'll see the gloves to be affected by the load curve of watermelon in accordance with the form of the melon. According to the explanation Enstein, gravity causes all objects will fall down due to the curvature of space and time. 

The difference in the world of scientific explanation of an event is it fair. Sometimes, the difference was, the natural sciences continues to grow. However, the main characteristic of natural sciences is the nature of their business and that always leads to an objective goal. The aim objective is a goal which is based on the methodology, experiments, and scientific evidence. 

Today, science continues to grow with many branches respectively. Physics was divided again into more specific concentrations, such as mathematical physics, theoretical physics, mechanics, optics, photoelectric, electromagnetic, thermodynamics, nuclear.  



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