Tuesday, 7 December 2010

6 Missed Mysterious Phenomenon of Science

The progress of science and science has not been able to answer all questions in the world, let alone the universe. A number of phenomena can not be explained by reason.
Like the CNN site loaded, scientists until now have not been able to explain the mysterious phenomenon of six, including, how can Baiturrahim Mosque in Aceh could have survived the devastating tsunami of 2004, while the surrounding devastated hit by a wave.
Here are six unresolved phenomenon and still a big question.
1. Padre Pio's Stigmata

In 1918, a young priest who was kneeling found bleeding in hand, beside the body, and legs. Some people believe he suffered injuries that were the stigmata - marks he touched the suffering of Jesus on the cross. Meanwhile, some others believe, he hurt himself.
Although embarrassed by the controversy, Padre Pio decides to continue his job, until he gained a reputation as a healer. He was ordained a Saint in 2002. Kanonisasinya ceremony at the Vatican, 300 thousand people willing to sting and present weather struck in his honor.

2. The phenomenon of Hindu milk miracle

On 21 September 1995, a pilgrim shrine in New Delhi to give a spoonful of milk to a statue of Ganesh, the elephant-headed god. Surprisingly, the Ganesha as if sucking the milk.
The scientists argue that the capillary causes the milk to spread to the surface of the statue. However, within a few hours later, a number of Hindu temples of Bangladesh to Canada reported a similar case: that the gods have been drinking their milk offerings.

3. Miracle Baiturrahim Mosque

When the 2004 tsunami hit Banda Aceh, almost all the buildings around the mosque Baiturrahim flat. High waves also swept the mosque. However, the mosque minarets and the dome is 123 years old remain strong.
Muslims consider it a miracle, that God's house was saved from the vicious waves of the tsunami.

4. How the origins of the universe

In the past 80 years scientists have lined up behind the Big Bang theory that emerged after Edwin Hubble in 1929 to find billions of galaxies in the universe is not settled in place, but moving away from each other.
Later, scientist Stephen Hawking issued a controversial theory, that God had nothing to do with the creation of the universe. He said, because there are laws such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself. And, until now, none of us can be sure how the universe was created.

5. Is it true that aliens exist

The statement that only conspiracy theorists who believe there are aliens (ET), is not entirely correct. Similarly, opinion Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize winning physicist at MIT.
Referring to the discovery of extrasolar planets, outside our solar system similar to Earth, he argued, "If you had to guess, I'd say there are thousands, perhaps millions, probably billions of planets in the galaxy with some form of life, and perhaps hundreds or thousands who have intelligent creatures such as the Earth. "

6. How many species on Earth

There may be three million, or maybe there are 100 million. Scientists agree, amount more than 1.9 million species of Earth figure who already has a name (one-third of all species on Earth may be a tropical beetle.)
One of the reasons why we have not been able to get an accurate count is that most of the creatures in the world very, very small. With the fire of new technologies, such as DNA sequencing will help us find the treasure the diversity of our planet. (Hs)Source:: http://teknologi.vivanews.com/news/read/192604-6-fenomena-misterius-yang-tak-terjawab-sains


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