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Know Your Child Life School Construction Has

Schoolboy's life is colorful life not only synonymous with environmental education, but it also has a variety of other forms of social problems is quite complex. 

Many school children who fail to undergo periods of school just because friction can not face various problems of life. However, many people say that the days become schoolgirl is the most beautiful than when a student. At the time of the schoolboy's most thick atmosphere is an atmosphere of togetherness, family and friendship are quite close. 

Period Period Beautiful So-School Children
Many people think that this period is a very beautiful time in their life path. This atmosphere will go away when a child enters college education. At the college level, the environment is the environment faced by independent. Could no longer be spoiled, pampered like when the days of school. Students must be an independent figure in trying to face lecture environment. 

Although synonymous with happy times, schoolgirl usually have some kind of complex problems. School age children are teens who tend to be quite susceptible to various forms of juvenile delinquency problems in the community. These teens need to get good attention from the family and formal educators. Understanding the psychology of a teenager by educators and parents is necessary. This is for parents and educators can help the development of a teenager in ways appropriate. 

Problem Child School 

Various forms of the problems typically experienced by school children are as follows; 

Achievement and Learning Problems 

Many children are stressed by poor academic achievement. Especially if the parents do not give a positive motivation, instead they were even given the threat of punishment if the child's performance decreases. Parents need to build the confidence of his sons to be able to get a good learning achievement. 

Improving student achievement is not only a duty and responsibility of a teacher, but also the parents have an important role. The duration of formal education in schools is far much longer when the children are in a family environment. Therefore, the first and primary schools for a child is in fact a family environment. 

Problems learning achievement is one of the many other issues typically faced by school children. Many students who feel confident about appearing at the school caused a great achievement, on the contrary there are many students who feel failed by academic achievement led him lazy to go to school, inferior to appear and so forth. Parents and student workers need to work together to solve this problem. 

Intercourse Life Issues 

School children generally are young people who have a psychological tendency to ego is high enough, try a strong sense of want, need the figures and so forth. These things will trigger a variety of social issues that will be encountered in the school environment. Especially when talking about love. Teenagers are a people who faced many problems in managing in love. 

Many students who fail in the study period and into a period of schoolboy love just because of the problem. Even the conflict feud with his colleagues can arise due to problems in love. Problem ego sometimes can also trigger brawl between a schoolgirl. Such things actually appear closely related to the management of adolescent psychology who are not able to be managed properly. 

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