Sunday, 2 January 2011

Osama: RI Country First Bantu Gaza 2011

Indonesia recorded as the first country to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in 2011.

"We welcome the humanitarian assistance from the Indonesian people to the Palestinian people, and this is the first assistance from overseas for the new year 2011," said Chairman of Red Crescent North Sinai, Egypt, Gen. (Retd.) Osama Serghani in Rafah, door-Egypt border Gaza, on Sunday (01/02/2011).
Serghani revealed, humanitarian aid to Palestine from abroad, second only to Indonesia is Asia Caravan-1 ship that docked in the port of Rafah on Sunday evening, several hours after the delivery of relief from Indonesia.

Ship Caravan Asia-1 was carrying 170 tons of humanitarian aid into Gaza. Ships solidarity for the Palestinian people that followed the members of NGOs from various Asian countries, including 12 people from Indonesia.

Bantun humanity in the form of various medical equipment weighing over one ton was submitted directly by the Ambassador (Ambassador) RI, AM Fachir accompanied by the Head of the Political Function Embassy in Cairo, Burhanuddin Badruzzaman, in Rafah.

Indonesia aid medical equipment is received directly by the Director of the Palestinian Red Crescent Territory Gaza Strip, Dr. Khalil Al-Foul, which facilitated the Head of Red Crescent Region North Sinai, General Serghani.

Fachir Ambassador, who is fluent in Arabic, in his speech explained that the Embassy in Cairo gather support from various circles both organizations and individuals who sympathize with the suffering of the Palestinians due to Israeli atrocities.

"Value does not help much, but this is the solidarity of the people of Indonesia for their brethren in Palestine, especially Gaza," said Mr Fachir.

Ambassador Fachir assistance submitted on the Rafah border is the second time following the first aid in January 2009, shortly after Israel's military aggression in Gaza. The first aid that includes an ambulance provided by the Ministry of Health.

Head of the Political Function Embassy in Cairo, Burhanuddian Badruzzaman explained that aid this time seniali 88 thousand U.S. dollars (approximately USD 790 million).

"The aid is $ 50,000 from Kispa (Indonesian Committee for Solidarity with Palestine), 26,000 dollars remaining MOH assistance to Palestine in 2009, 10,000 dollars from people Amuntai, South Kalimantan, and 2,000 dollars from the Indonesian community in Egypt," said Burhanuddin. 

Source: ANT,

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