Thursday, 13 January 2011

Fastest Car in the World Solar Cells

Kresi student solar car UNSW, Australia who managed to make the fastest world record 
With a speed of 88.738 km / h, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) claims, Sunswift powered car suryanya Ivy as the fastest in the world. The record was recognized "Guinness Wolrd Record" and successfully obtained on 7 January runway in navy HMAS Albatross in Nowra, Australia. For this, faster Sunswift 10 km / h from the previous record made in 1987 .. 

Cars made by UNSW students, using three wheels with carbon fiber body monokok, using DC electric motor 1.800W, 3-phase, CSIRO without borstel (charcoal). Sekiatar solar energy generated 1200 watts and uses lithium-ion polymer baerai deengan weight 24.75 kg. However, to get the fastest record, removable battery and the car using solar cells from silicon. 

If normal, college project car driven by students, for this record-breaking, car piloted by pembala pprofesional, Barton Mawer and Craig Davis, the Tesla electric car company in Europe. 

The record was made at 10:32 noon local time. The team did not try to get the maximum solar energy until the afternoon. Because, at 13.30 rain nyang menghalangan team effort. While in the morning, a record can not be created because the absorption of solar energy in solar cells is not maximized. 

After the break the record, Mawer said the car can be controlled properly. "Nevertheless, the team sagak worried when I turned to two wheels. "Ratification of the record from" The Guinnness Worldk Book of Records "with a witness, was approved as a new record. The team has also received a certificate as proof of a new record. 

Record for the fastest car the previous solar cell is 78 km / h Sunraycer produced by GM in 1987. This is the second UNSW keberhasilkan untuki the same vehicle. Previously UNSW team also won the Global Green Challenge race from Darwin to Adelaide in 2009.

Source:: Otomotif.kompas


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