Saturday, 1 January 2011

Brazil's First Female President Inaugurated

Dilma Rousseff first woman sworn in as president of Brazil on Saturday (01/01/2011), replacing a president who is very popular in Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. 

Rousseff (63) who is Lula's former cabinet chief, was sworn in as president at the Brazilian Congress after a short motorcade procession in the rain, waving his hand toward the crowd of 70,000 lined the streets. 

He swore in front of the MPs before signing the official documents which makes the head of state of Brazil. The new leader then make his first state address as president. 

He also expressed his respect to Lula, saying he had been honored under President Lula's government and pledged to continue "the victory" predecessor's. 

Rousseff who wore a white skirt and looks relaxed at the same time happy, hurried from the Congress building toward the presidential palace, where Lula waited for symbolically handed over the presidential sash, green and yellow gold to him, as well as welcoming the presidents of Latin American countries. 

Lula, who must step down after reaching the maximum term under Brazilian constitution namely two periods of the presidency, left the glories of the popularity and charisma to provide opportunities for Rousseff to get elected in his place. 

He has not yet determined about your plans for retirement, but in a few weeks ago he commented that he was a "real politician" who will not ignore the opportunity to return to the presidency after a four-year mandate ends Rousseff. 

Rousseff led Brazil with the economic growth rate reached 7.6 percent in 2010. Recent oil discoveries could make the Latin American country that entered the ranks of exporters. 

Brazil also has an important role on the world stage and get siaa to host the soccer World Cup in 2014 and 2016 Olympics. 

But challenges also lie ahead. Economic growth slowed to 4.5 percent expected in 2011 and inflation is above target pemernitah reach about 5.9 percent. 

Rousseff, former gerilyawati left wing who was tortured in prison in the 1970s for opposing the military government at that time, still have to resolve a diplomatic row with Italy. 

On the last day of its power Friday, Lula lead to conflict because Italy refused to extradite a former militant, Cesare Battisti, who was convicted of four murders in the 1970s. 

Rome has recalled its ambassador in protest and warned it will press for Battisti submitted.
Source:: ANT, AFP, Compass 

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