Friday, 31 December 2010

5 Steps to Enjoying Raw Vegetables

You want to be a raw foodist, but including those that are less or not at all like vegetables? Do not retreat first. Your antipathy towards vegetables, especially raw, can be anticipated with the following steps.

1. Change mindset
If you associate a vegetable with a bad taste in the tongue, no matter how that is done, you still will not be able to enjoy it. Change the view, and feel the difference.

2. Try to exercise sensitivity of the tongue
For years, flavorings, artificial sweeteners, and other artificial food substances unwittingly been dulled sense of taste. That is why we must reduce the foods that contain these ingredients from the daily diet. Thus the sense of raw fruits and vegetables will be more acceptable to your tongue.
3. Start slowly
No need to change your diet drastically. Enter a vegetable, fruit, and raw nuts in the daily menu. For example, with menaburkannya in food. Try to enjoy the salad with mayonnaise dressing first. If used, change to the raw dressing or no dressing at all.

4. Garnish plate with the "rainbow"
Like the rainbow, too colorful vegetables. Each color represents the vitamins, minerals, and taste different. Enter the vegetables and fruits that have never been tried in the "rainbow" you. Fill a plate that looks pretty definitely add to your taste.

5. Kreasikan vegetables into juice, soup, or sauce
Be creative! If at first you are still hard to chew raw vegetables in the form of original, change it into juice, soup, or sauce. Inspiration you can get from raw food recipe book or a variety of raw food sites on the Internet.

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