Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5 Risk Body tattooing

You are a fan of tattoos? If the art of body painting is one of your favorite, be sure to equip yourself with a variety of information around him. Moreover, if you're a beginner who want to experiment.  

Tattoos are permanent will exist forever in certain parts of the body that you want to paint a picture or writing, sign character ourselves.  

This option is entirely a personal right, but it could not hurt to understand well the risks.
Tattoos can cause skin infections or other complications. More specifically, this is the risk of tattoo:  

* Allergies Colored tattoos, especially red, can cause allergic skin reactions in the form. In effect, the skin will feel itchy at the tattooed body part. Allergies are not only of the moment, but can last for years after your body tattooing. 

* Infection Tattoos can lead to infection due to bacteria. The sign, skin redness, swelling, pain, and purulent.

* Other skin problems Bumps on the skin around the tattooed area, called granulomas, to be Another problem arising from tattooing the body. Tattoos can also encourage the growth of keloid or extra tissue that grow across the scar. 

* The disease is carried from the blood When tattooing, make sure the equipment used sterile and hygienic. Risks can arise when tattooing the body is a needle contaminated with infected blood diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, and HIV. 

* Complications MRI Tattoos can cause swelling or burning the skin when the owner of the tattoo undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MRI uses strong magnetic fields with computerized technology to produce detailed images of organs and soft tissues in the body. Tattoos are permanent on your body image can affect the results of this MRI examination. 

All skin problems or illnesses because of the tattoo can be treated with care and special treatment. In fact, in some cases, the tattoo must be removed if you want to overcome health problems that interfere with this.

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