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Figure 5 The Phenomenal Chain Murder

Ages produced many human characters. One is those who write the black history in human life. Serial murder is one incident that became dark history of mankind. Things they do really is unacceptable to reason. 

1. Jack the Ripper 

Jack the Ripper is a nickname for a famous British murderer. Until now, no penah known who Jack the Ripper really was. He did the serial murders of several women. Most of the victims are the prostitutes in the streets of London. 

Jack, very sadistic. In fact, many people who think he was a messenger from Hell. Many eyewitnesses in the UK that states that Jack the Ripper was a man wearing a black cloak and could disappear in the darkness. Jack is very smart, he even challenged the police to give a few letters after the finish off his victim. And said the letter opener betruliskan "From Hell". 

During gait scary in England, he has killed more than 10 people. The victim was killed by neck slashed. After death, the victim cut up and taken organs in the body. But there are some victims organs just left strewn around the scene. 

2. Elizabeth Bathory 

Serial killer most casualties during its history. He has killed 650 people during his lifetime. Elizabeth has the disorder. He was obsessed with beauty and the beauty of her body. Besides, he always embellish sexual relationship with violence. 

Elizabeth killed because he wanted to stay young. He believes that a young girl with a blood bath, he could stay young. Elizabeth comes from a wealthy family in Hungary. In fact, he has a castle itself. All the victims were killed on his castle, by the way broken veins and let the victim run out of blood. 

Victim's blood is collected in a private bath tub Elizabeth, after Elizabeth had a leisurely bath and a shower of blood sacrifice. In fact, several times Elizabeth drink the blood of his victims. 

3. Andre Chikaltilo 

The Butcher of Russia. The victims were children and women. He is charged with killing more than 53 people. Ironically he is a former language teacher. Andre has a sexual disorder that requires him cut up the body's spouse to obtain ejaculation. 

Andre's first victim is a 9 year old girl. He raped by Andre and finally dismembered her body. For this first victim, police false arrest. The police even arrested a youth other than Andre. 

4. Pedro Alonzo Lopez 

In the era of the '60s, he made a surprise Peru State. He was indicted for killing more than 200 people. Besides killing his victim, he also did perkosaaan against the women. Due to this, he got the nickname "The Monster of the Andes". Lopez's dark past, she had been raped by a phedopilia. 

5. Pee Wee Gaskins 

He killed more than 100 people in the United States. Victims of Pee Wee Gaskins majority of children and adolescents. One of the phenomenal statement is: 'I walked the same path with the Lord, Because I took the lives of people and make them afraid. I have been aligned with the Lord. " 

They're just some people who made history as antagonist. There are many actual serial killers are "invisible." The politician who makes people die of hunger, the wealthy businessman who kill people to perpetuate its business. Unfortunately they were all untouched.

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