Monday, 17 January 2011

Important Lessons From Successful Characters

School just is not enough, is an adage that does explain that the formal school course will never be enough to make us to become what we want. Schools and formal bench science teaching so much, in fact it was not enough as the stock of our lives. Many successful leaders of the world that is able to maximally active in the field, although they have higher education. Who are they? 

1. Agatha Christie 

He is a renowned author of the mystery genre. Until now Agatha Christie's novels are still in great demand. You know, that Agatha Christie never a formal education like ordinary people. Agatha was a child during World War I was raging, that's why he chose his mother over to home schooling as compared with formal schooling. 

However, although many are limited, Agatha Christie did not give up. Although only able to learn from home, he can create spectacular works of interest are many people from different parts of the world. 

2. Thomas Alva Edison 

Who does not know Edison, inventor of a variety of useful tools for millions of people, such as: light bulb, movie camera, phonograt, etc.. About a total of 1000 patents that everything is the result of invention Edison. Did you know that the genius known throughout the universe was once a student who is considered stupid and weird by his teacher. 

Because of stupidity and weirdness, the teacher issued a boy named Edison. But what happened, who is considered strange boy is actually a scientist transformed into a smart and excel in the field. 

3. Andrie Wongso 

Andrie Wongso is a motivator number 1 in Indonesia. No one doubted his ability. However, anyone who thinks that people are now known great by many, used to be born from a poor family and did not complete primary school. 

Many people are enchanted by the rows of titles and high school famous costly. Indeed, all was not wrong. Surely everyone will choose the high school and have many titles. However, in this life, in fact not only need a degree and high school. All of that is not enough when used as a stock life. 

Successful figures like that have been written over the fact not one high school and have many titles. However, thanks to their tenacity and passion to keep learning and learning, eventually they can be successful as now.
Do we have to follow in their footsteps do not go to school with a higher order to be successful? 

Of course the answer is "NO". The main problem lies not in it, but our own behavior. That the school was not enough! So much science we do not know outside the environment where we gain knowledge (school & college) that it actually teaches us many things, things we do not get at school or college. 

In essence, anyone can be successful. Schools or colleges is a means to succeed. However, to achieve success takes a lot of facilities that are not just out of college or school only. University of life!

Source :: Anneahira


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