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Palestinian boy in raid Weapons

Book Title: Palestine's Children: The Story of Struggle Palestinian Children Living Authors: Ghassan Kanafani Publisher: Navila Edition: I, 2011 Thickness: xxiv + 300 pages Reviewer: Fatkhul Anas *) 

The history of Palestine is the "red history" throughout the ages. Disputes two camps never cease until this moment, maybe even become immortal strife. Palestine and Israel are bitter enemies who kept fresh and the scent of blood shed tears of innocent people. Palestine and Israel into conflict artifacts eternal fight self-esteem, power, and the nation. Time also seemed to have been saturated witnessed bloodshed between the two sides were. 

Since the Jews proclaimed the founding of Israel, dated May 14, 1948, bloody tragedy increasingly heated. Israel launched an armed aggression that killed thousands of Palestinians and forcing millions of people to flee to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and the surrounding region. Neighboring Arab countries forced to join the drive Israel. Unfortunately, these countries when it is in the grip of the UK so not able to act much. Israeli Aggression run smoothly and successfully captured the Palestinian areas that has been assigned the United Nations. 

Events bloody Israeli-Palestinian remembered until now. He is enshrined in every memory, engraved in the lap time, and tertuliskan in a row of words of poets. Literary works also are emerging, like recording the severity of the hit. Palestine's Children by Ghassan Kanafani was one of footage that. Inside terjejer dark stories of people who are oppressed Palestinian independence. Palestine's Children photographing any anxiety that comes from the lost souls. 

Palestine's Children is about the Palestinian children who helped fight the nation gaining independence. This story is a collection of short stories by Ghassan Kanafani since 1936 to 1967. Ghassan Kanafani successfully presents an interesting plot, dramatic, and slicing the reader. Among them he tells about Mansoor who want to borrow a gun to people to fight against Israel. Mansoor age who are still teens, became its own reasons for his father so he would not join jihad. This attitude is approved by his uncle, Abu al-Hasan. 

However, the heart has been filled by small Mansour ammunition anger, pain, and jihad. He did not flinch if you have met and dueled with Israeli soldiers. He does not like his father who continues to prohibit it. He was stubborn and wanted to go fight. He took pains to look for weapons, until finally he met Haji Abbas, a vendor of cigarettes, as well as gun owners. From there Mansoor's father used to borrow the weapons in exchange for one pound per day. Mansour also wanted to emulate his father's steps. 

Unfortunately, when Mansur run kedaunya expedition and he had reached the fort in Jaddin, he found his father's presence there, amid a crowd of armed troops. However, when the crowd should resign, Abu Qassim, who was none other than Mansoor's father, left alone in the rear. Mansoor was the one who followed him, and found she was badly injured. There, Mansoor find his father was dying. "Mansour was standing in a wet vacuum, watching his father slowly dying, helpless and motionless, except for the throbbing of a shake" (p. 125). 

The story of Mansur told by Ghassan Kanafani above in the title of a Child, his Father, and storm the castle in Jaddin Rifle made in 1965. This story is one of several children's stories who assembled in this book. Ghassan Kanafani manages to present the world's children in a variety of short stories. This is of course not separated from the background which had been a teacher for children in Palestinian refugee Camp. Ghassan Kanafani chose this life for the sake of presenting the story of Palestine to the entire universe. Palestinians who lost, restless Palestinian, and Palestinians are helpless, all recorded by Ghassan Kanafani world's children. 

Kanafani offerings for the Palestinians is like a lamp in the dark. Kanafani want to be a torch that lights the world, so all eyes can see clearly the suffering Palestinians. In fact, Kanafani dedicate his life for the Palestinian peace. He along with his niece, Lamis, was killed in a car bomb explosion by the Israeli secret service. It was even 36 years of age Kanafani, and a cover age for the struggle.
*) The author is Librarian Cabeyan Institute, Yogyakarta

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