Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rare Animal Conservation Steps

Preservation of endangered animals is the responsibility of all parties. This is related to the human condition that is one party who has the biggest role in the process of extinction of some animal species. Although humans are in a different path with the animal world in a food chain, but in reality humans are one of the predators in the animal's life. 

In the process of preserving these rare animals, aiming to preserve the life of animal species that are fewer and fewer. This matches the reality on the ground, that there are several kinds of animal species are more difficult to find. In fact, there are several types of animals suspected was completely destroyed and no longer found in the wild. 

One type of animals that are now beginning difficult to find in the wild such as the Java tiger, Sumatran tigers, Bali Starling, or also several species such as turtles leatherback turtles or turtle is also a pig snout. The animals are classified as types of animals that have been lost or fewer in number. 

Therefore, the government also make laws that prohibit trade in animal species, whether alive or dead. It was an effort to preserve rare animal in order to prevent their extinction.

Rare Animal Conservation Steps
Despite government rules that prohibit transactions of rare animal species, but in practice a protected animal populations dwindling. With a variety of motives, the more people who try to have personally these rare animals. 

For that, it needs an integrated step in the process of preserving these rare animals. This is an effort to keep the animals remain stable so that its existence can be seen by future generations. Several steps must be done in an effort to preserve rare animals including the following:

  1. Providing education to the community the importance of preservation of endangered species to survive in their habitat. Thus, they no longer harass them and keep these rare animals to stay alive in their natural habitat.
  2. Supports every rare animal conservation activities undertaken by environmental protection agencies. You do this by helping the campaign and to provide financial and moral support.
  3. Creating a breeding place for rare animals in order to breed them for next release into the wild to live naturally.
  4. Not doing the hunting of rare animals and report any endangered animal poaching activity to authorities.
  5. Not doing transactions on the rare animals, especially animals live. And even if doing the transaction, should be intended to save animals in order not dominated by people who are less responsible, and then submit the animal to the competent parties. In this rare animal conservation and the environment. 
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