Wednesday, 19 January 2011

China Bans Animal Circuses Use

Chinese government's ban also applies to 300 government-owned zoo. 
Animal show business in China is famous traveling circuses throughout the entire world is threatened out of business. Because the Chinese government began Tuesday, January 18, 2011, prohibits all kinds of performances featuring circus animals. 

In fact, the performances of animals in 700 Chinese zoos attract many visitors. It was reported last year, the show attracted up to 150 million visitors. 

Chinese government decree issued following a number of complaints and complaints from animal protection activists in China. They consider the zoo and circus featuring performing animals have been treated rudely and often tortured. 

"A zoo in my town there is the show where adult lions were forced to ride the horse at a show animal," said association head protection hewasn Xiamen city, Xiao Bing, as quoted from the pages of The Telegraph.
"I also saw a monkey at an amusement park filled with wounds on his body. The park manager said that the monkey was wounded in battle monkeys show, "said Xiao Bing again. 

Cases of torture other animals are tortured to force him to jump lions circle of fire, or force the bear to climbing rope. 

Circuses in China denied it by saying that the animals were given a decent meal and teach them tricks in order to become famous. 

However, the reason it did not make the Chinese government to delay their new regulations. China issued a ban entirely, including on 300 zoo government to display a show of torturing animals. 

The ban also includes the termination of the sale of body parts of animals, the restaurants at the zoo are also forbidden to serve food of the endangered animals. The zoo is also no longer be able to pull a tooth tiger canine child not to bite the visitors who hold him. 

Visitors also can no longer see the officer directly feed the tigers or lions with chickens, goats, cows, or horses alive. 

If violated, the Chinese government will not hesitate to close the zoo. (Umi) 

Source :: VIVAnews


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