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New Champion AFF, Malaysia or Indonesia?

Malaysia is really going to be a tough test for the Indonesian national team.

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 print new history by generating a new champion. Both Indonesia and Malaysia which will come out as winners, will scratch the ink in the Southeast Asian football history.
Two finalists: Indonesia and Malaysia have never lifted the trophy symbol of football supremacy supreme ASEAN. So far, the best performance of both teams only finalist.

Malaysia became the first finalist organization of the AFF Cup in 1996. At that time, Interior neighbor conquered Thailand 0-1 in the final.

Indonesian national team would get a degree as a specialist final. Red Team White scored a hat trick finalists fight that was held every two years was in 2000 (lost to Thailand 1-4), 2002 (Thailand penalties), 2004 (Singapore aggregate 2-5). Thailand dominated AFF Cup (3 timeschampion), Singapore (3 times) and Vietnam (1 time).
Thirst achievements have been very suffocating for lovers of football public of Indonesia and Malaysia. They again reveals the desperation, reviving the euphoria becomes' King of Southeast Asia. "

Euphoria and desire of this country's achievements realized in the form of full support to the national team respectively. Malaysian public thronged the National Stadium Bukit Jalil with a capacity of 87,411 seats during the Malayan Tiger Team Vietnam in the semi-entertaining leg 1.

Indonesia's public euphoria irrefutable by making the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Senayan, Jakarta. Red Team White fanatical fans are lucky because the allowance for Group A since December 1, 2010 played in SUGBK.

Bung Karno Main Stadium with a capacity of 88,306 seats and the surrounding environment feels increasingly narrow. Millions of fans are fanatical Red and White teams from all over the country vying to watch his favorite team compete.

Local organizing committee (LOC) and PSSI was kept busy because of it. PSSI's office in Senayan also become victims of mass amok, Saturday, December 18, 2010. Office raid PSSI, PSSI flag burning and destruction of the inscription above the gate PSSI shows that excessive euphoria.

That may be the fruit of the distribution of tickets that are less good. But, can not support acted peacefully?
'Down with' Malaysia Again
Not unexpectedly, Indonesia would again met with Malaysia in the final. Malaysia who had dilibas Indonesia 5-1 in AFF Cup 2010 opening match gradually able to rise.

Tiger of Malaya became a dark horse that is able to get rid of 'white elephant' of Thailand. Malaysia more confident after frustrate defending champions Vietnam in the semifinals by winning 2-0 at the Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, and 0-0 in the My Dinh.

Strength of the core Malaysia 2009 SEA Games champion troops increasingly dangerous. Moreover, coach Rajagobal Khrisnasamy harbored curiosity. He was shaking his head in disbelief with his troops from Indonesia landslide defeat in the opening match.

"The meeting returned to Indonesia in the final so I wait. That would be a very interesting game," said Rajagobal on one occasion.

Indonesia also welcomes the match against Malaysia. Due to his assistant coach Alfred Riedl and Wolfgang Pikal identify the strengths must have been very opponent ever faced in this group stage. Firman Utina cs also very confident armed with a landslide victory earlier.

What to watch out for Team Red, White and the resurrection of Malaysia. Mental Noorshahrul Idlan Talaha and his colleagues confirmed the soaring with the ability of the party drove to the summit.

Next, Riedl Garuda had to convince the troops to overcome the pressure in the cage opposite. Indonesia is very fortunate to play all the matches of up to two semi-final group stage due to impropriety stadium Philippines.

Can Irfan Bachdim cs performed great in the cage opposite?
For this matter, it takes mental steel naturalized player Christian classmates 'El Loco' Gonzalez. El Loco is a scourge with two goal in the semi-final goal against the Philippines. Beautiful goals from Uruguay are naturalized players in the semi-final 2nd leg to get rid of nine players who have feared Filipino descent Indonesia.

While Malaysia has proven it. Malayan tiger has only once staged the match in front of the public itself. That is when a 2-0 win over Vietnam in the semifinals of leg 1.

Yes, Malaysia is really going to be a tough test for the Indonesian national team. If you pass the exam, the reward was clear. AFF Cup champions for the first time! (Sj)


Allowance for Group A 
Vs Malaysia 5-1
Laos vs. 6-0 
Vs Thailand 2-1

SemifinalPhilippines vs. 1-0, 1-0

Allowance for Group A 
Vs Indonesia 1-5 
Vs Thailand 0-0Laos vs. 5-1


Vs Vietnam 2-0, 0-0

Conclusion SINCE 1996 AFF Cup* 1996 in Singapore

Final: Thailand 1-0 Malaysia 
Position 3-4: Vietnam 3-2 Indonesia

* 1998 in Vietnam 

Final: Singapore 1-0 Vietnam
Position 3-4: Indonesia vs Thailand 3-3 (5-4 pen)

* 2000 in Thailand

Final: Thailand 4-1 Indonesia 
Position 3-4: Vietnam 3-0 Malaysia

* 2002 in Indonesia & Singapore 

Final: Thailand vs Indonesia 2-2 (pen 4-2)
Position 3-4: Vietnam 2-1 Malaysia

* 2004 in Malaysia & Vietnam

Final: Singapore vs Indonesia 3-1, 2-1 
Position 3-4: Malaysia 2-1 Myanmar

* 2007 in Singapore & Thailand 

Final: Singapore vs Thailand 2-1, 1-1 
Position 3-4: Malaysia & Vietnam

* 2008 in Indonesia & Thailand 

Final: Vietnam vs Thailand 2-1, 1-1
Position 3-4: Singapore & Indonesia
Source :: Vivanews


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