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10 World Important Religious Events in Year 2010

The year 2010 will soon be over, but there are some important events related to religious issues that make the world scene this year. At the level of the Islamic religion, an important religious event in 2010 was the election of Dr. Ahmad At-Thayyib as the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar Sheikh Thantowi replace deceased.

 In other important religious event for Muslims in the year 2010 this is the event affront to the Believers Umm Aisha, ra which is done by a Kuwaiti Shiite preachers who currently lives in London.

 And below are 10 important events that occurred involving religious globally in 2010:
1. The call to burn the Koran on the anniversary 9 / 11 attacks by Pastor crazy Florida USA, Terry Jones.

 Jones's call has sparked criticism from around the world, though eventually cancel the action, but in some parts of the world to follow his call to burn the Koran.

 2. Mosque Development Ground Zero

 Construction of mosques and Islamic societies of the proposed center was built in Park51 few blocks from Ground Zero site, the area where the 9 / 11 attacks occurred. At least 60% of Americans oppose the construction of the mosque, although the president Obama himself supports the rights of American Muslims to build mosques and Islamic community center.

 3. Resurrection of Islamophobia in Europe

 Over the last twelve months a wave of hostility towards Islam (Islamophobia) is increasing in Western Europe, although there have been efforts by moderate Muslims to fight it and try to do a continuous dialogue to explain about Islam.

 Among the famous Islamophobia movement that occurred in the year 2010 is the restriction and prohibition of use of the veil, especially in Western Europe, most recently in Spain, which imposed a ban headscarves in government buildings last month. France is among the first countries in Western Europe, the parliament approved the ban on wearing veils in public places, this French action will be followed by the Netherlands, Denmark, England and Belgium.

 4. The election of a new Shaykh al-Azhar

 After the death of the Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Muhammad Tanthawi, Dr. Ahmad At-Thayib in March and then was appointed to replace the position of the Shaykh al-Azhar.

 Analysts believe that Al-Azhar Al-Sharif will lead to a better era, and became an Islamic institution involved with world events and local communities, and have a more effective role in the process and improving the methodology and ideology of moderate Islam.

 5. Shiite harassment against the Believers Umm Aisha, Ra

 Harassment and humiliation against Aisha, may Allah be pleased to note and important event for Muslims the world in 2010. Where a Kuwaiti Shiite preacher named Yasin Habib who live in London have openly dared to harass the Faithful Umm Aisha, Ra and the main companions of the Prophet Muhammad through the opening lectures.

 Action Yasin Aisha Habib's insulting, Ra cause reactions and widespread anger among Islamic scholars, even the Shiite leaders of Iran, Ali Khomenei ordered to close the tomb of Abu Lu'lu'ah, Umar ibn Khattab killer who revered among Shiite, to curb anger Muslims.

 6. Statement of the Egyptian Coptic Bishop

 Secretary of the holy synod of the Egyptian Coptic church, Bishoy has caused uproar among Muslims, after the months of September and he questioned the credibility of the verses of the Koran that denies the crucifixion of Prophet Jesus.

 7. Persecution against Christians in the Middle East

 Hostages to an Iraqi Christian in the church and resulted in dozens of Christians were killed at the church also became an important note in a religious event in 2010 was horrendous.

 8. The Vatican and the scandal of sex abuse against children

 In March 2010 the media revealed the existence of hundreds of sexual abuse by Catholic priests against children committed in Ireland, Germany and Belgium. Although Pope Benedict has apologized, but the victims' families called for tougher action on the Pope to be ashamed of the Vatican this case.

 9. Women can be a Christian priest

 For the first time in the history of the representatives of Protestant evangelical churches "agreed in 2010 East bolehnya" priests "of women in the Protestant Christian community in the Middle East including Egypt, that this is incompatible with the practice prevailing in Catholic churches and Orthodox .

 10. Pope Benedict XVI supports the use of condoms

 During this Pope Vatican rejected calls for the use of condoms, but about two months ago the Pope rectify 'fatwa'nya and allow Catholics to use condoms to prevent the rise of AIDS cases are increasing.
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