Thursday, 23 December 2010

Staying in Room Made of Ice

Challenging holiday, rent a room in 'The Ice Hotel' with a temperature -35 degrees Celsius

Vacation to exciting places, probably familiar to you. But if you stay at the shelter a sophisticated and cool? Try and rent a hotel room ice, the Ice Hotel, located in Sweden.

Occupancy super cool is housed in northern Sweden, precisely in Jukkasjarvi near the remote town of Kiruna. Construction of a majority of the hotel building is made of ice and snow.

Because it is made of ice and snow, every summer the hotel is slightly melted so it needs to be rebuilt during the winter. That's why, almost every year, the hotel is always changing appearance.
Thanks to the architect Ian Douglas-Jones and Ben Rousseau, this year's largest ice hotel in the world is increasingly appear extraordinary. This spectacular hotel design takes inspiration from futuristic films, 'Tron: Legacy'.

Hotel development process supported with super advanced technology devices. Plus mutakir lighting system. Hotel designed highly scalable so it can withstand arctic conditions.

The temperature goes down dramatically, breaking the record in Ireland for the past month, but not yet approaching the lowest temperature of -35 degrees Celsius Jukkasjarvi ever experienced.
"We both are big fan of Tron. So when Disney released the movie Tron 3D version, of course, this is the moment was perfect. Scene in Legacy Suite itself inspired many of the nightclubs, yangmelibatkan our favorite artists who worked on Daft Punk music arrangement of this film" said Ian Douglas-Jones, one of the owners of this hotel.

Meanwhile, Jones' business partner, Ben Rousseau, reveals, "The whole film is a fantasy that we both, very high-tech and futuristic."

Anyone who wants to spend a holiday in the room 'Tron: Legacy', known as the 'Legacy of the river' suite immediately call 'The Ice Hotel', before the hotel melts. (Pet)

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