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Doraemon: Legendary Cartoon Film

Magic bag, bamboo propellers, doors everywhere, and the passage of time. Magical items were identical with a cartoon character that has long adorned the glass screen and cheer on from generation to generation. Cartoon characters that still exist, timeless, and still remain interesting to watch. Who else if not Doraemon. 

Derived from the Rising Sun 

Manga artists who fabricate Doraemon and his friends named Fujiko F Fuji. From the name alone, was predictable that the authors are from the State of the Rising Sun, Japan. Country is famous for its culture of hard work it was and still produce famous manga artist who is able to produce comics and cartoon characters often filmed. Because of its popularity, Doraemon become cultural ambassadors of Japanese animation appointed directly by the Japanese foreign minister. 

Cat Robot for Families Nobita 

Doraemon the robot cat fantasy creators are coming from Century 22. Then, sent to help elementary school children grade 5, the Nobita. The goal that families will not experience poverty Nobita and the debt that much because Nobita has a lazy nature of learning and working. 

Actually the same story idea Doraemon, Nobita is a lazy learning, value ulangannya always ugly, always harassed daily by Giant and Suneo. Nobita do not have the skills to anything, including sports. His expertise is only one, namely sleep. Problems are varied and magical items are removed from the bag marvelous Doraemon who actually makes these cartoons are always interesting to watch.
Doraemon The Movie 

Following the times, Doraemon films had a lot in the movie version. The story is more interesting since venturing into unique countries with the scenario of the ordinary. 

Behind the story that has always been a helper Doraemon Nobita, Doraemon is heartbreaking story that is rarely published by the author. Doraemon is actually a robot fails to auction and eventually purchased by the family Nobita who was owed a lot. 

Before the auction, Doraemon has become a robot baby-sitter for failing an entrance exam to the academy robot. Bad luck continues, her ears were destroyed by being bitten by a robot mouse, not to mention the cat Doraemon fade for himself, and many other stories. Truly unique fantasy. 

Books and Magazines Doraemon 

Initially, precisely in December 1969, Doraemon stories published in six books, and even part of a Japanese elementary school student magazine published once a month. That way, the author must make, at least, six different stories each month. It was only in 1979, Doraemon special magazine published until 1996 with a circulation of 80 million books sold in 1992. 

Doraemon in Indonesia 

Doraemon cartoon series began to go to Indonesia since 1990. In the event that the birthday of the 16th animated film in Indonesia, 2006, Japan imported from the original Doraemon. In this event, held again the voice audition (dubber) Doraemon movie figures and elected Selvy that the voice of Doraemon. Next, 2008, Doraemon come again on the same event was accompanied by the author, Fujiko F Fuji. Packaging event this time is not less interesting than the two previous years. 

The key to success Doraemon film is innovative, both in terms of storyline and packaging. As a result, fans never get bored to watch Doraemon though it has been running since the '70s.
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