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Playstation influence on child

The game is of course well-liked by children. In the past, usually the children will play traditional games, but this time the children prefer a more modern game, such as PlayStation. Unfortunately, the influence of the PlayStation in children tends toward the negative. 

PlayStation is a kind of electronic game which is equipped with a visual image or video (console games). PlayStation or PS was first released in Japan in 1994 by the Sony Corporation. Since then, the PS immediately became the favorite game of children.
PS is a very entertaining game, especially for children, but the effect is not always good for the PlayStation child's development. As we know, little kids can not control themselves and differentiate between good or bad. 

PlayStation Positive Impact

Here are some PlayStation influence on the child in positive terms. 

* Playing the PS could increase the level of socialization of children with the surrounding environment. PS is generally played together or rollicking, this has a good impact on the association. 

* PS also can stimulate imagination and creativity of children. In some of his game, PS often make the players must think fast to make decisions and think about how to finish the game. This is very good for brain development of children. 

PlayStation Negative Impact
In addition to having positive, negative influence of the PlayStation in terms of there and tend to be much. The following are examples. 

* There is little PlayStation game show scenes of violence, such as fights or shootings. When the game is presented on a small child who is really innocent and did not understand about the violence, he could imitate in the real world. 

* The effect is also very bad PlayStation is the kids can be addicted, so be sure to leave time and other work that is more useful. For example, a lazy learning, this is sure to hurt the children. 

* Although PS could increase socialization, often the children who would rather be alone to play PS. They are usually the children who indifferent and unconcerned with the surrounding environment. 

* Influence PlayStation also include health. PS adverse effects on health can vary. 

Children may develop vision problems due to prolonged exposure to light game.Selain video, usually children playing PS in close proximity to the monitor / TV. 

Bone growth could also not good because children will often sit down and usually tend to bend. Hands and fingers can also be affected by pain because it always moves while playing PS. 

* Adverse effects PlayStation another is to make children become wasteful. 

Imagine if they did not have a PS at home, children usually will come to rental or leasing the PlayStation. In one month, could have the children spend a hundred thousand more when they are already addicted to PS. 

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