Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Period Baby: The Causes of Infant Stress

Infancy is a time when people are just as helpless little creatures. In fact, to simply convey the message and could not communicate, in addition to just cry. 

If no discomfort is felt, he would cry. Therefore, be alert and be careful when you hear the baby crying. Who knew he was under stress. Why babies can be stressful? What cause? How well is the solution?
Causes of Stress in Infants 

1. Not Comfortable 

Many things that make the baby uncomfortable, such as hunger, thirst, wet pants from CHAPTER / BAK. Typically, infants respond to discomfort by crying.
When you feel neglected, tangsinya will be faster and will add stress. Therefore, when you hear the baby crying, immediately see and confirm whether there is something that makes him uncomfortable. 

2. Pain 

Babies could also be due to stress experience pain, such as being bitten by mosquitoes or ants, drop, knock, and so forth. Make sure your baby is safe, safe from insects and is safe from the possibility of dropped or bumped. 

3. Overheated or Chills 

Make sure your baby fall asleep with optimal temperature, not too cold or too hot. AC is too cold can cause the baby was cold, use the right clothes. Similarly, if your baby sleeps in the summer in the room was not air-conditioned, use a thin shirt and absorb sweat. 

4. Very Drastic Weather Changes 

Global warming that was sweeping the world turned out to negatively impact the baby. The weather is often changing, when the heat was suddenly heavy rain accompanied by lightning in quick time, can cause the baby to be stressed. Dampingilah the baby at a time like that. 

5. Feeling Ignored 

Usually, this phenomenon occurs in older people that a career outside the home. The baby will feel comfortable when the mother took time off and interact daily with the baby. The mother needs to take care of all kinds of loving. 

However, when the mother must return to work, the baby will be stressed because they feel ignored. 

6. The atmosphere Houses Too Winners 

Baby activity dominated by sleep, which is about 15-20 hours a day. For that needed tranquility and comfort. When the house was too crowded so that caused a stir, the baby will be stressed. 

Similarly, if a house filled with people who are not familiar to the baby, people who rarely interact every day, such as the atmosphere ahead of a celebration. Moments like that can cause stress in infants.
Solution Eliminates Stress in Infants
Prevent and hilangkanlah 6 things that causes stress on the baby by performing the following actions. 

• Meeting the Needs of Association 

Make sure your baby is getting the attention and affection with enough. Give milk with a routine until he certainly did not sleep in a state of hunger or thirst. Note the clothing and diapers, immediately replace when soiled or wet. 

• Creating a Conducive Environment 

Babies are very sensitive to its environment. Therefore, we must ensure that the environment remains conducive. Give peace, comfort, security, and peace. 

Create a quiet home atmosphere, not crowded, stable and settled, the attention and affection is enough, and avoid fights in front of the baby because she could feel with his mind.

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