Friday, 31 December 2010

Ways Frugality and Adding Assets

Proven woman who managed to change daily habits, by making savings, able to acquire assets and improve its finances. Women are also able to acquire assets and invest with a cunning save and manage money.

Any expenditure that can be trimmed to help you save money even add cash at home? You should follow the example of a survey conducted MORE Magazine Indonesia for 50 women aged 35 years and over. You will be amazed if successful run, being able to save money up to $ 4 million per year or 300,000, 500,000 per month. The money from the savings you can allocate to invest for the family economy more prosperous.

Stop smoking 

About 30 percent of women claim to get out of the habit of smoking and managed to save expenses up to four million per year.

Save diapersAs many as 20 percent of women tell tales berhematnya: economical diapers. How, they teach their children, aged two years, to do toilet training.

Saving electricity 

As many as 20 percent of women managed to cut the spending power of their homes, up to 15 percent each month. Replace the electronics at home with energy-efficient technologies. As well, build self-discipline habits of all family members to conserve energy. Turning off the television, computer or other electronic items after use.

Limit expenditure savings multiply 

Saves spending will also help you increase your savings or reserve funds. That way, you can use the money to increase its value. The trick to investing.

As many as 20 percent of women chose to set aside a "saving" them to buy a luxury apartment, then rented out. Meanwhile, 10 percent of Indonesian women decide to buy gold and dollars every year. The price of gold and dollar values continue to rise, adding to their property.

Select domestic product

 "I replace cosmetic products daily with domestic products the same quality. The material was already adapted to our skin," said Melly Alwy (45), employers save money by cleverly choosing beauty products for everyday needs. In this way, Melly save up to Rp 500,000 per month.
How about the way you choose or already proven to save money?

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