Friday, 25 March 2011

10 Most Popular Laptop Brands

Apple is still the brand most often discussed on the Internet.

 Design and reliability of Apple laptops made always positive ditanggap than other products on the Internet. However, it does not mean Windows-based laptops are not good. LG and Sony are also often discussed as an alternative.

 The surprise was big brands such as Samsung and Acer did not even get into the top 10 most popular laptop brands on the Internet.

 Apple could be located at the top and always a hot topic discussed because he simply could satisfy consumers. There is no way the price. It ranges in price to Apple's product line is relatively expensive, especially when compared to similar laptops. However, with Apple, consumers are guaranteed satisfaction.

 Meanwhile, the premium Sony Vaio laptop recognized a similarity with the Mac, in terms of performance and graphics. Therefore, the Vaio often touted 'Mac of Windows'. Naturally, if he is to inhabit the ranks of big three in the list.

 "Midfielder" such as Hewlett-Packards (HP) and Asus has a collection of laptops with prices varied. Thus, those who buy cheap laptops still get the same after-sales service to those who buy expensive laptops. It is also often a hot topic in discussions on the Internet. 

The speed of spreading rumors and complaints in social media will change the statistics. Here are 10 most popular laptop brands on the Internet, published Amplicate: 

Statistics from Amplicate collecting opinions online that involve more than 73 million messages on Twitter, Facebook, and Amplicate own. This rating to calculate the topics currently discussed in social media. Calculations were based on both positive and negative opinions in a period of 3 months.
Source :: Vivanews


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