Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How to Easily Care for Angora Cats

Many people who are interested in buying Angora rabbits for the long fur and funny. However, not a little disappointed and regret the fact that when brought home, a rabbit she bought did not last long it's easy alias die due to improper maintenance.

Buy a Healthy Seedlings
If you buy at the farm Angora Rabbit rabbit directly, then ask who he was already separated from its mother or wet nursing. Do not want to if given the age under 5 months. Because, just like a human or other animal, rabbits are fed mother with sufficient time, the body resistance will be strong and not easily die. 

If you buy at the pushcart man, then observe the eyes, ears, and fur. If his eyes glaze and look dirty does not glow, meaning it rabbit sick. Ears are also flagging suspect ducked. Who knew that a rabbit is sick. Its fur is not easy to choose who fall out when pulled. Select also the fur clean, not filthy and dirty, because it means that rabbits lack of maintenance. 

Mercurial behavior was a sign of a healthy rabbit. Another case when the Angora Rabbit mojok with only silence and weakness, there is the possibility of defects or leg he suffered dehydration due to heat. Therefore, the vendor often let the rabbits exposed to the sun.

Angora Rabbit cage size should not be narrow, especially if occupied by more than a pair. Instead, if you have a backyard, then off course in the yard. Of course with a fenced in, so as not eaten by rats or other disturbed your pet. Cover with bamboo or wood for easy cleaning. Also avoid rabbits developing the disease only if the base soil.

Give regularly eat your pet Angora Rabbits in the afternoon and evening only. Remember not to give fresh vegetables. Let stand overnight before, so that moisture from the vegetables evaporate. If you feed too much water, then the rabbit will diarrhea and death. 

It could also give pellets rather large-sized fish, or rabbit pellets. Do not forget to give the fruit a little water content like carrots. It may give your pet rabbit to drink, but not too often. Two days only once with a mini-servings. Good breeding. 

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