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5 Most Popular Types of Pet Hamsters

Hamster is a lively one animal maintained in recent years. There are so many films about the hamster appeared mainly cartoon films that make this crazy hamster character his fans. Actually, of the many types of hamsters, there are only five kinds of popular pet hamster. Type of pet hamsters, which are as follows. 

1. Hamster Hybrids
This type of hamster Hamsters are the result of interbreeding between different types of hamsters are there. Marriage is done by human intervention to get a new species of the existing types of pet hamsters.
Hybridization is usually performed between the mini hamster Campbell with hamser type winter white. Both the hamster is derived from two different areas, so has the tendency to disease differently. 

Worse, if the hamster hybrids are created, then he will have two different diseases that are inherited diseases that both parents. Therefore, this should not be interbred. Let it happen naturally so as not to jeopardize these types of hybrid hamster if she was born. 

Hamster Hybrids are created are usually sterile or sterile because it has changed the composition of genes in the offspring. Possessed characteristics of this hybrid hamsters that physical appearance has a similarity with the hamster winter with body shape looks strange. In terms of color alone hamster hybrids have different colors, namely pearl, imperial, sapphire, and normal. 

2. Chinese Hamster
Chinese Hamster Cricetulus griseus named Latin is derived from the area in northern China. Chinese Hamster is part of a family of long-tailed hamster. The length of the tail can reach 2 cm. Hamster this type include hamsters that are difficult to cultivate. If done maintenance with good treatment, so he can live up to the age of 4 years.
Male hamsters usually longer than the females. It is because of the scrotum in male hamsters that look stretching to the back of his body. Maximum length of 10 cm can be achieved. The color of the Chinese hamster is composed of normal hamster colors, white, or speckled. 

3. Hamster Mini Roborovski
Hamster Phodopus roborovskii named Latin is derived from the eastern and western Mongols, as well as northern China. They live in a deep hole to reach 50-150 cm. If maintained properly, can reach 3.5 years of age. Hamster Roborovski include the smallest hamster with a maximum length of only up to 5 cm. 

4. Mini Winter White Hamster
His passion is hiding. Movement is very fast and agile that it is difficult to capture. He was short with a shiny black eyes and slightly protruding. In the face dominated by white color, large head with a mustache that very much.
Hamster's fur grows very dense and more. So many to make the tail to become invisible because it is covered with feathers. This peculiar shape makes this type hamsters have a higher price than other types because it is more interested in keeping hamsters. 

5. Mini Hamster Campbell
Hamster Campbell or by the Latin name Phodopus campbelli sungoris was discovered by Thomas Campbell in 1905. These include the type of hamster Hamsters are popular because they have very different color. However, this hamster including hamsters that are difficult to tame. 

For those who just know him, do not be surprised if he got to bite your fingers. Hamsters can be benign if it is just familiar with their owners and most importantly, feel comfortable with the smell of the owner. 

She was able to reach 2 years if the owner can care for properly. Its length can reach 12 cm when he was already an adult. Triangular shape of his head because his cheekbone widened toward the side. The distance between the ears, eyes, ears and nose are balanced, although large and highly visible. The four feet from chin to bottom of the hamster bagia neck is covered with white fur. 

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